How to Calm Down a Fussy Baby Instantly by Pressing and Massaging Major Acupuncture Points

Having a baby is a profound and life-changing experience. It’s all great if your baby is calm and smiling at everyone. Unfortunately, not all babies are like that. Many are fussy and there’s seemingly no real solution to the issue. The fussiness itself isn’t a real condition. Babies can get fussy because they’re hot or cold, or just because they don’t like this or that. While many parents are banging their head on the wall over this problem, there is a simple solution you can try at home.

Reflexology – the ‘Cure’ You’ve Been Looking For

Have you ever heard of reflexology? It’s an oriental natural medicinal approach that relies on pressing and massaging acupuncture points on the body to solve health problems. By pressing and massaging these points, reflexology effectively improves blood flow to those exact body parts and relieves the condition or disease.

Such points can also calm your baby down and help with the fussiness. There 7 nerve endings on a baby’s body that you can massage and help with fussiness and even other problems.

Reflexology Points to Calm Down a Fussy Baby

Solar Plexus

The solar plexus is a collection of nerves just between the stomach and lungs. This pressure point is connected to another point in the foot right where the arch begins and can help with fussiness, upset tummy, and breathing troubles.

Massage the foot point gently without applying too much pressure and it might calm your baby down.


If your baby is fussy because of chest congestion, massaging the foot of your baby just under the toes and above the arch should help. This point is related to the chest and can relieve discomfort and help your baby breathe easier.

Of course, if the problem is more serious, you should head straight to the doctor. Reflexology is a complementary therapy, not a cure itself.


The pressure points that correspond to sinus problems are located on a baby’s toes. Massaging them gently will help treat sinus pain and can even help with flu-like symptoms that are making your baby fussy.

Head and Teeth

If your baby is teething, it will be fussy all the time. Luckily, you can massage pressure points on the tips of their toes to help them calm down. This one can be a lifesaver for teething babies that have trouble falling asleep.

Lower Abdomen

There’s a pressure point on babies’ feet between the mid-foot and heel that’s directly linked to the lower abdomen. Babies suffering from lower intestinal problems such as gas and bloating can be especially fussy. Luckily, by massing the pressure point, you can help calm it down.

Upper Abdomen

If your baby is fussy because of indigestion, heartburn, or constipation, you should massage a pressure point on the center of your baby’s foot and the pads too. This should help calm it down like nothing else.


There’s a pressure point on babies’ heels that are related to the hips and tummy. Any hip tightness or tummy pain can be relieved by massaging this point.

Experts recommend massaging the aforementioned pressure points when your baby is relaxed or sleeping. They’re not likely to be impressed if they’re aware what you’re doing, so stay calm and do it when they’re relaxed if you want the best results.

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