10 Reasons Why Having an Older Sister is a Blessing

Do you have siblings? Do you have a sister? If yes, your sister is your best friend. Your friends can never replace her.  

Your sister is always there to support and protect you. She is there to hold your hand whenever you need help. She is your best friend, your partner in crime, a person you can always confide in.  

According to Robert Williams, a psychologist, conflicts among sisters make their relationship stronger. While discussing the stages of sisterhood, Williams stated that sisters see themselves as rivals in their childhood. In puberty, the sisters guide themselves through adolescence, and later, when boys become the main topic of their conversations, they may become competitors again.  

However, as they get older, their relationship changes. They learn that the older sister is the best friend they can have.  

Here are 10 reasons why having an older sister is a blessing 

She will never betray you 

You can always trust your older sister. If she knows your biggest secrets, she will never reveal them. You can confide in her because she will never betray you. 

She makes life better 

Your older sister guides you through life. She is always there when you need help.  

She knows you best 

Your older sister knows you better than your friends. She knows everything about you, your fears, and your emotions. She knows your food preferences and what makes you sad or happy.  

She advises you 

Your sister is always there to give you advice. You should listen to her, as she has more experience than you.  

She is your second mom 

Older sisters are like mothers. Your older sister loves you and takes care of you as your mother. She knows everything about you.  

She is always there for you 

Whenever you need help or advice, your older sister is there for you. This is the most beautiful gift that a person can have in life. No matter what happens, she will be always by your side.  

She is the best aunt 

Your sister will love your children as her own. Aunts have greater patience for children than their parents. Your older sister will teach them what is important in life.  

She will be a mediator in your conflicts with your parents 

Whenever you have problems with your parents, your sister will be a mediator and will try to solve the conflict between your parents and you. She will always help you to overcome the problems that you may have with them.  

She will always forgive you 

Even if you do something horrible, your older sister will always forgive you. Even if you hurt her, she will find a way to forgive you.  

You do not need to pretend that you are somebody else 

Your older sister is one of the people who will always love you for who you are. She will never blame you for your mistakes and will never judge you if you do not make the right decision. She may sometimes criticize you only to show you what is right to do.  

Your sister deserves to know that you value her presence in your life. Do not forget to tell her how much you love and respect her.

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