The Importance of Maternal Grandmothers For A Child’s Development

Grandmothers are known to have the biggest influence on their grandchildren’s personality and life. But it seems like there is a difference between the mother of the mother and the one of the father. Folklore, as well as old wives ’ tales, suggest that the maternal grandmother should be placed at the top of the family hierarchy when it comes to love and dedication.

A maternal grandmother means that she is the mother of the mother. The word paternal comes from the French word that means “of the father”. So, paternal grandparents are the father’s parents, and maternal grandparents of a child are their mother’s parents.

Recent studies show that maternal grandmothers and their grandchildren are deeply genetically bonded. Their unique role in the family is now proved to be true.

Maternal Grandmother DNA Mystery

Scientists suggest that what we get from our maternal grandmothers is more than just love and affection. There is a deeper and remarkable relationship between them.

Genes are inherited units that are composed of DNA. It is estimated that grandparents usually share a quarter of their DNA with their grandchildren, but the exact amount depends on the DNA swap. It is a fact that we inherit our genes from all of our grandparents, but maternal grandmothers have the biggest degree of influence over their offspring.

Our cells contain different types of DNA chromosomes. Mitochondria (mtDNA) is present in another area to make energy for our cells. They have their own DNA that helps them do their work.

Children get all of their mitochondria from their mother, not half, but all.

Scientific discoveries support the theory that grandmothers are very important for human evolution. It is not a coincidence that women live so long after menopause. It is believed that the reason for this is so that they can spend their skills and other resources on raising their grandchildren, instead of their own.

Maternal grandparents are closer to the grandchildren than the parents of the father. The main reason for this is that mothers still guide their children’s activities. Another factor that is also very important is the geographical closeness, as well as the grandparent’s health, employment and economic status, and their personality. One study from the UK showed that the main reason why kids prefer either grandma is that she spoils them and that she is a better cook.

The Grandmother Hypothesis

This hypothesis indicates that grandchildren benefit a lot if they care about their grandmothers in their early childhood. However, studies cannot support this theory, even though DNA is closer, it is not clearly known why one of the grandmothers should be the favorite.

We live in a more complex environment today, so it is very difficult to give clear explanations.

It is always good to remember that it is a great privilege to being able to develop a long-lasting and meaningful relationship with your grandparents. They always encourage you, inspire you and support your overall development.

That is why we should always feel blessed for having grandparents around us.

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