Do You Smudge Your Home?

Have you ever heard of someone smudging their home? People smudge their homes by burning resins and herbs. It has been done for hundreds of years for spiritual and medicinal purposes. It is believed that this practice eliminates negative energy from homes.

Even though many people do not believe in the benefits of smudging, studies confirmed that the medicinal smoke possesses antiseptic properties and can eliminate more than 94% of the harmful toxins in the air within 24 hours.  

Benefits of smudging 

Harmful positive ions in our homes usually obstruct the aura and the electromagnetic field around the human body. These ions make us feel anxious and tired.  

However, burning sage or other herbs can help you neutralize the positive ions and make you feel energized and relaxed. It helps positive ions transform into negative ones. Moreover, it cleanses the toxins and cleanses the atmosphere.  

Burn sage to smudge your home 

You can find white sage in your local health store. Sage is the easiest herb for smudging

Before burning it, focus on the negative energy that you want to eliminate. Then, light the sage and make sure you get a smoky trail, not a flame. This smoke will eliminate all negative energy from your home.  

Before you smudge your home, make sure you first smudge yourself. Wave the white sage around you. Then, go from one room to another. Do not hurry, stay longer in some rooms in you do not feel the effects.  

You can also buy a sage holder and place it somewhere in your home. According to professionals, it is best to burn this herb when the season changes. Moreover, it is recommended to do it at the beginning of the week.  

While the sage is burning, open a window or door so that the smoke can pass through. It is an ancient and sacred ceremony that is easy and safe to carry out. The happiest home in the world can collect negative energy, so smudging your home once a year is advisable.

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