The Superfood With Unbelievable Nutrition Values and Amazing Health Benefits

The Alugbati is a green leaf and leafy-veggie category and most people might know this as a plant in their gardens. Another similarity is the Malabar spinach leaf that people love in the Philippines. The veggie is a bright red in the stem and the leaves are heart shape when they grow out. The colors could range from plain red to dark red when it comes to its fruit.

Like most or all green leafy veggies, Alugbati leaves have a lot of iron and are very nutritious. In just 100g of this leaf, you have the following:

  • Sodium is 24mk
  • Calcium is 10%
  • Potassium is 510mg
  • Carbs are 3.4g
  • Vitamin c is 170%
  • B6 is 10%
  • Iron is 6% protein is 1.8gr
  • Calories are just 19!
  • Magnesium is 16%
  • Vitamin A is 160%

These are the amazing 14 benefits of this leaf, as you can see below:

1. Prevents cancer

The Alugbati has a ton of nutrients like antioxidant power items that fight all damage of free radicals that otherwise make cancer. Medical experts proved that green leafy veggies like this even fight cancer cells, mostly for the lungs,

2. Blood pressure benefits

Since this leaf has potassium and manganese too, it is good for the heart and pressure and pulse rate too. These items stop heart problems and regulate blood pressure.

3. Prevents ulcers

The leaf is smooth and nutritious and can prevent stomach ulcer problems and even improve digestion too.

4. Helps for constipation

The digestive system will thank you for this, all movements in bowels will get superb well, without constipation, healthy digestion of food, and it will help with such daily normal matters!

5. Toxin cleanser

Because the bowels are improved with this leaf, it means you will release all toxins easier and in a healthy way through the fecal matter. Also, this leaf can make you urinate more because is a diuretic as well, so toxins will go out through urine too.

6. Good for pregnancy issues

If you are a pregnant woman, you will need a lot of folic acids, and this leaf has that! It will help to make the nervous system of the baby healthy developed.

7. Prevents anemia

Because this leaf is like spinach, it has lots of iron and for the 100g of this you consume, you will get the daily needs of 15% iron. This prevents anemia in the long run.

8. Sleeping like a baby

This leaf is not just good for the skin and all organs but also relaxes you too. The zinc and magnesium it has will soothe your mind and body and make you recharge better every day.

9. Seeing like a hawk!

Alugbati has a lot of vitamin A that is crucial for healthy eyesight.

10. Losing weight healthy

This leaf also has vitamins, minerals, fibers, but not many calories. So, besides good digestion for the internal functions, it can speed up the metabolism to lose weight the healthy way.

11. Stops aging, even slowly

We know that aging I caused by free radicals, but the antioxidants in the leaf can slow down aging with the antioxidant powers. The skin will become firm, smooth, and not prone to lines and wrinkles.

12. Some softness of the dermal layer

You don’t just need to consume this leaf, but you can apply it topically too. Make a mask of the mashed leaves to hydrate the skin on the outside.

13. Boosting immunity

Because this leaf is rich in vitamin C, this means your immune system will get a good strength shield to keep you safe all the time!

If you consume these leaves regularly, choose the leaves with shine, smooth surface, and strong stems and avoid the ones looking wilted or dryish. Before you cook it, wash it well in water, cold, and mix them with stews, soups, or stir fry salad meals.

14. Less swelling

This leaf can soothe any irritated swelling you might have. It cools the skin, reduces unpleasant tight swellings, and its vitamins will nurture the skin layer too.

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