Lazy Keto Diet – Everything You Need to Know About It

As you may already know, there are different variants of the ketogenic diet, the lazy keto diet being one of them. While they follow mostly the same principles, the main differences is in the daily carb allotment. Many of these diets allow a higher or lower carb count, or in the case of a keto cycle diet, alternating between the two.

The concept of the keto diet is very simple. You eat few carbs and concentrate on (healthy) fats and proteins. However, many people are overwhelmed by the calculating and strategizing. While it is a low-carb diet, its focus on healthy fats is underestimated. It’s not just the low carb count that’s making you lose weight – it’s the healthy diet full of protein and healthy fats.

In general, you should consume between 20 and 50 gr. of carbs per day with the keto diet. However, there are other variants which alter these numbers. Take the lazy keto diet for example – it’s as lazy as it gets since it eliminates the micromanagement of macronutrients and lets you eat anything if you stick to 20 gr. carbs per day.

Experts aren’t impressed by the lazy keto approach, but people love it.

How Does This Variant Work?

Many keto dieters hate the micromanagement of carbs, calories, and macronutrients. The lazy keto diet eliminates them all. The lazy approach is to focus solely on the carb number, not protein and fats. Keep the carbs to 20 gr. per day and you’re good to go. According to some studies, this might not be enough for your body to go into ketosis, but that doesn’t matter with this variation.

The lazy keto diet is still a great and efficient way to lose weight. With a balanced meal plan, it’s the variant of the ketogenic diet that makes it doable for any person. All you need to do is set a carb limit for yourself on the very first day and stick to it. Everything else is not that important.

In general, the ketogenic diet says that you should consume around 5-10% of carbs of your calories. Since most keto meal plans are around 2,000 calories per day, the ideal carb count is between 25-50 gr. On the keto diet, you count carbs as net carbs – the total carb count minus the grams of fiber. For the lazy keto diet, you can go as low as 25 gr. per day up to 50 gr., but the lower the number, the better.

And don’t worry about your body not being able to go into ketosis. Anyone cutting out that amount of carbs per day will lose weight. You will end up losing weight and still get the benefits of the keto diet. You might not do it in ketosis, but who cares?

No need to worry about your protein intake. Experts recommend eyeballing it. As long as you’re sticking to the carb count, you should be OK.

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Pros and Cons of the Lazy Ketogenic Diet

Like all variants of the keto diet (or any diet in general), the lazy keto approach has its ups and downs. The biggest advantage is that you’re no longer keeping an eye on protein, fats, and carbs – it’s just the latter that counts. This allows you to tweak your meal plan and add some tasty foods if they fit the carb count. Of course, it doesn’t mean you should eat just about anything. You still need to play your meals carefully.

The disadvantages are pretty obvious. First and foremost, your body won’t enter ketosis. While that doesn’t count as much if you’re still losing weight, it’s important to note. Additionally, the lazy keto diet plan isn’t focused so much on quality rather than quantity. People are ready to eat just about anything if they settle the carb count, and that’s not great for your health. You’re still aiming for those keto diet health benefits, right?

Some lazy keto dieters have reported being a bit hungry while on the diet. If you’re not following a balanced diet plan and you don’t manage your carb intake, you can end up hungry. Cravings are the death of every diet and this one’s not excluded. When the body doesn’t burn fat or carbs, it might be burning nothing, and that’s counter-productive.

Last but not least, you might end up missing various vital nutrients. Supplements can help, of course, but they are not a replacement for the real thing.

Are Lazy and Dirty Keto the Same?

No, they’re not. The lazy keto diet plan means focusing on the carb content and daily intake, not eating just about anything. The dirty keto diet means not caring that much about the quality of the food if the carb-protein-fat ratio is covered properly. Yes, it allows you to eat bacon and other stuff, but at what cost if you’re not losing weight?

Lazy Keto Diet Meal Plan

You can find a good lazy keto diet menu online without even trying. If you want to take a look at what to eat on the lazy keto diet, here are three full meals you can eat for a day.

  • Breakfast: bacon, feta, and spinach homemade crust-less quiche
  • Lunch: cheddar-bacon ranch chicken salad
  • Dinner: buffalo-stuffed chicken breast

For snacks, you can have protein shakes, veggies, beef jerky, or cheese. Cheese snacks and various veggies with dips also work well.

When it comes to desserts, you can have low-carb, low-calorie ice-cream, but don’t go overboard with it.


As you can see, the lazy keto approach is pretty great if you don’t want to micromanage all the macronutrients. You only focus on the carbs – set a limit and stick to it, and the fat and protein count won’t matter.

Of course, things are not that simple and this approach has a few disadvantages. You won’t be able to get into ketosis, but you will still lose weight. If you don’t want keto trackers and a lot of writing down, the lazy keto diet approach is a great choice.

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