A Terrifying Encounter a Scuba Diver Had With a Huge Anaconda

How would you react to an anaconda your way? Fear and passing out almost! Well, you are not the only one for this, because an anaconda is scary to see and would mortify anybody. Just imagine seeing this creature – and this is the sigh a scuba diver had in the river Formoso.

This snake is a giant snake and lives in murky and dark water in the regions of South America. It can reach a length and size of over 4 meters, and the most epic specimen are noticed in even 3 times this size! It was unusual to see this creature in the Formoso river because this river has clear and clean water, but anyway, the diver saw it.

This river is also the only river in the world that allows for diving in this way when predators are around. But only if you are brave enough to do so! Juca Ygarape and Bartolomeo Bove were brave enough and they faced this anaconda of 7+ meters and more than 90 kg too! The video is chilling and shows how this animal is resting at the river bottom but escapes when it notices the camera.

A scary encounter

Surely, this is not for those anxious, to begin with. But, Bove is not just any tourist and he is a pro diver for a long time, he even faced sharks! This river was a good chance for him to see this huge snake! As he said, waters near the Bonito region are very crystal clear, and only there you can see and dive around anacondas too. The one on the camera clip was very relaxed and did not mind human presence. So this means diving with anacondas might not be so bad, only if you are careful to not disturb them a lot.

Such green anaconda belongs in the group of massive and most large snakes worldwide. It reaches a size of over 9 meters, and even up to 250 kg too! It has no bad venom for humans but can kill some preys that are its own size or bigger. Many reports even said such huge specimens do exist, but not one life was seen on camera. Still, some reports from Brazil claim that people have gone missing in these jungle areas, probably eaten by huge anacondas!

This is a reptile that instills fear, but it is a wonder to see it, even on camera only. See the video of Bove – if you can!

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