10 Tasty Breakfast Ideas That Will Help You With Your Weight Loss Goal

Many doctors and studies have confirmed that breakfast truly is the best way to start the day. Eating a hearty breakfast can regulate your blood sugar levels and prevent cravings later. It also helps us regulate body weight if paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Of course, this doesn’t go for just any type of breakfast. You need to eat healthy meals to start your day if you want to keep your weight in check.

How Does a Healthy Breakfast Look Like?

Forget everything about bacon and eggs or sausages for breakfast. Sure, they can give you protein and boost your energy levels in the morning, but a healthy breakfast meal is something completely different. Oatmeal is the best type of food you can eat for breakfast, especially when boosted with the right fruits. However, a good and hearty breakfast meal should have fiber, protein, and the right combination of vitamins and minerals that will help you start the day like a champ.

A good breakfast meal will raise your energy levels, boost your protein, and give your body enough fiber to get your digestion working. Pair it with healthy meals for lunch and dinner and you shouldn’t have trouble keeping your figure in check. Regular exercise will help you lose weight further and optimize it to your age and height.

If you’re wondering what to eat for breakfast, we’ve got the ideas for you below.

10 Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Low-Carb Hotcakes

Who wouldn’t want hotcakes for breakfast? Well, these are low in carbs, but still delicious. Rich in protein and fiber, you can find numerous low-carb hotcakes recipes online and make them on your own for a nutritious breakfast.

Overnight Oats

Since none of us really have the time to prepare oats in the morning, you can do that overnight and have them ready for work. Make sure you’re using rolled oats and top them with some chia seeds, blueberries, almond milk, banana, and nuts. It’s a great breakfast that will get your energy levels up and even help you lose weight.

Apple-Cinnamon-Quinoa Cake

You can make an apple cinnamon cake with quinoa rich in protein and fiber as the perfect breakfast. It’s gluten-free too and can be modified to your liking. Look for some recipes online and we’re sure you’ll find one you like.

Baked Egg in Half an Avocado

It sounds different and it is. Bake an egg in half an avocado for the perfect breakfast rich in protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and healthy fats.

Fried Eggs with Roasted Veggies

Fry some eggs and roast some veggies then mix them altogether for the perfect breakfast.

Egg White Frittata

It’s a frittata, but with egg whites only. It’s a low-carb, low-calorie meal with a lot of protein your body needs in the morning.

Hard-Boiled Eggs with Avocado

Boil some eggs to your preferences and eat half an avocado. It’s a meal full of fiber, protein, and healthy fats – a perfect combo for the morning.

Smoked Salmon and Asparagus

This is a highly nutritious breakfast with loads of protein and nutrients, yet almost no calories.

Cottage Cheese and Fruit

It sounds counterproductive, but this is actually a tasty and healthy breakfast meal. It has the right combination of nutrients and protein to start the day like a boss.

Paleo Breakfast

Search the web to find healthy paleo breakfast bowl ideas that can be prepared in 10 minutes and you can have on the go.

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