Why You Should Avoid Sitting with Crossed Legs

Men and women both love to sit with their legs crossed. It’s a common sitting position, especially in important events. However, science doesn’t recommend it. According to new studies, sitting with your legs crossed can bring about a host of health problems. Below you can see the most common problems it can cause, led by increased blood pressure that can put your cardiovascular health at risk.

High Blood Pressure

By sitting with your legs crossed, you’re literally inviting high blood pressure into your life. This can happen to people who have never had blood pressure problems before. After sitting with their legs crossed, they complained about high blood pressure which was highly unusual for them.

The culprit was difficult to detect, but obvious. Studies have shown that sitting with your legs crossed puts a lot of pressure on your nerves and blood vessels. It constricts them, which leads to a higher blood pressure that can drop quickly. However, it harms your blood vessels in the long run and causes more trouble than you can imagine.

Hips and Back Pain

If you’re suffering from unexplained hips and back pain, take a look at the way you often sit. Crossed legs put too much pressure on your hips and back, especially after a long time. With this way of sitting, the pelvis is in an unnatural position, unable to move sideways. Since the pelvis is directly tied to the back muscles, it can cause pain and stiffness in the back.

We all know what back pain feels like, so it’s best to sit straight in order to avoid it.

Varicose Veins

While sitting with your legs crossed is not the main cause of back pain, it certainly contributes. It causes too much stress on your veins, raising the risk of this common condition. Sitting with your legs crossed accelerates the blood flow, which dilates the veins and alters their shape. This makes them swollen and quite visible. It’s not just an aesthetic problem – varicose veins can cause numerous health problems.

Pressure on the Nerves

Sitting with your legs crossed puts too much pressure on your nerves. Both legs will suffer from it and you may experience the dead leg syndrome. Too much crossed legs sitting can permanently damage the nerves and render your immobile. While it’s a far-fetched idea, it’s best to prevent it rather than treat it later.




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