Top 6 Benefits of the Jasmine Plant

Everyone knows that keeping plants in your home is a great idea to purify the air. But, which plants will thrive easily? Do all clean air pollution the same? Can all flowers improve the air quality in your home and reduce the risk of panic attacks, anxiety, and depression?

According to studies, there’s a direct link between stress and oxygen levels. The higher the levels of indoor toxins, the higher the risk of stress and anxiety. The two are interlinked, so it’s best to keep the air in your home clean of pollutants and irritants if you want to keep your wellbeing in check.

Jasmine – the Most Powerful Air Purifying Plant?

New laboratory studies that jasmine may be the most powerful purifying plant. It works as a great stress reliever and is best placed in the bedroom. Why? Because it will keep the air in your bedroom overnight clean, allowing you to sleep well overnight instead of drowning in a sea of toxins.

The benefits of jasmine aromatherapy are well known. Many of them have been confirmed by brain scans. Jasmine managed to boost the production of a special compound known as GABA which has been linked to low stress and anxiety levels. GABA will also help you sleep better, making it of key importance to your health.

The aroma of jasmine is more than enough to boost the production of the chemical. In comparison with other plants and aromas, jasmine worked best. More scientific studies are needed on the effects of jasmine and jasmine essential oil on our wellbeing, but from what we’ve learned so far, it’s clear that we should all put a pot of jasmine in our bedrooms.

Studies have further shown that jasmine can:

  • Reduces depression and promote happiness and calmness;
  • Can stop panic attacks and relieve tension and stress;
  • Improves concentration and focus;
  • Helps balance female hormones – may help with PMS and hot flashes;
  • Relieves muscle spasms;
  • Deals with insomnia and helps people sleep better.

If you’re having trouble falling asleep overnight and you’re often tense, the solution might be as simple as putting jasmine in your bedroom. It won’t cost you a lot and may improve your overall wellbeing, so why not try it?

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