Should I Stay Friends With My Ex? Here’s What You Need To Know!

In this era where relationships are as fleeting as a heartbeat, we often find ourselves unsure about how to handle our exes. What role should they play in our lives? For some, the pain of parting is too great, leading to the complete erasure of their ex from their lives.

Yet, others opt to maintain contact and even cultivate a strong friendship. The course of action largely depends on the nature of the breakup and whether any wrongdoing was involved. However, even if you were wronged, is it possible to move past these emotions?

Currently, 32% of individuals maintain contact with at least one of their exes. After all, it’s entirely feasible to cease romantic feelings for someone, yet remain friends. You’ve likely heard of the terms ‘friends with benefits’ or ‘sex friends’, but what about ‘ex-friends’?

In matters of the heart, no two scenarios are identical, which is why we’ve outlined the advantages and disadvantages of maintaining a friendship with an ex. The final decision rests with you, based on your unique circumstances!

What are the pros and cons of becoming friends with your ex-partner?

Becoming friends with an ex-partner can be a complex decision, with both advantages and disadvantages to consider. Here are some potential pros and cons of maintaining a friendship with an ex-partner:


  1. Familiarity and Comfort: Having shared a significant part of your life with this person, there’s an inherent comfort and understanding that can make the friendship feel natural and easy.
  2. Shared Social Circles: If you have mutual friends or attend the same social events, remaining friends can prevent awkwardness or division within your social group.
  3. Support System: Your ex-partner knows you well and can provide emotional support, advice, and perspective.
  4. Personal Growth: Reflecting on your relationship as friends can help both parties understand what went wrong and grow from the experience.
  5. Closure: Staying friends can provide a sense of closure and reduce feelings of regret or bitterness.


  1. Difficulty Moving On: Maintaining a close relationship may hinder your ability to move on and form new romantic relationships.
  2. Resurfacing Emotions: Being around your ex may lead to old feelings resurfacing, which can complicate your friendship and personal life.
  3. New Partners: Future partners might have difficulties accepting your friendship with your ex, causing tension in new relationships.
  4. Miscommunication: There is a risk of mixed signals and miscommunication, particularly if one party hopes to rekindle the romance.
  5. Repeating Patterns: As friends, you might fall into old negative patterns of interaction, which could lead to renewed conflict.

Remember, every situation is unique and these pros and cons may not apply to everyone. The most important thing is to do what feels healthy and right for you.

Signs your ex still has feelings for you

Maintaining a friendship with an ex-partner can sometimes blur the lines between platonic and romantic feelings. It’s important to be aware of certain signs that may indicate lingering feelings on their part. If your ex often initiates contact, particularly late at night, this could be a sign they’re struggling to let go.

Another sign may be if they frequently reminisce about your past relationship or bring up shared memories. This could suggest they are dwelling in the past rather than moving forward. If they seem overly interested in your current love life or appear jealous when you discuss new romantic interests, this could be another indication.

Furthermore, if they make a point of discussing their single status or drop hints about wanting to rekindle the relationship, take note. Lastly, observe their body language during your interactions. If they maintain prolonged eye contact, touch you frequently, or lean in close when talking, these could be non-verbal cues of unresolved feelings. Be vigilant about these signs as they may indicate that your “friendship” might not be as platonic as it seems.

Is Friendship with an Ex a Good Idea Overall?

The answer to whether friendship with an ex is a good idea largely depends on individual circumstances, emotional maturity, and the nature of the breakup.

If both parties have moved on emotionally, can maintain clear boundaries, and the relationship ended amicably, then a friendship could be possible and even beneficial. This could allow for mutual support, shared memories, and maintaining common social circles.

However, if there are lingering romantic feelings, unresolved issues, or the breakup was particularly painful or traumatic, then staying friends may lead to more harm than good. It could prevent healing, create confusion, and cause issues in future relationships.

Ultimately, it’s crucial to take time to heal and evaluate your feelings honestly. If you decide to pursue a friendship, ensure that it’s for the right reasons and not as a means to hold onto the past or rekindle the relationship.

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