How to Remove Sweat Stains from White Clothes Effortlessly?

Everyone hates sweat stains on white clothes. Take a look at the armpit area of your favorite t-shirt and you’ll be instantly enraged. Regardless of those antiperspirants that supposedly prevent sweat stains, those yellow circles are simply too much to ignore. And, while commercial cleaners do nothing about them, we have a few simple tips and tricks that can help.

Timing is Everything

To remove sweat stains from your white clothes, experts say that timing is everything. Instead of letting them sit like that for days, you should try and remove them ASAP. Yellow stains take hold over time – they’re not the result of wearing a t-shirt once. Strong products such as Oxiclean applied on the stains right away can remove the sweat stains easily. Just use the solution per the instructions directly on the stain as soon as you notice it. It’ll help remove it easier compared to letting the stain take hold for a week before you wash the piece of cloth.

Dry cleaning can help too, but once again, it’s all a matter of time. The sooner you start cleaning those sweat stains, the better.

Take Precautions

The best piece of advice we have against sweat stains on white clothes is to prevent them in the first place. How can you do it? That’s easy. When applying a deodorant, don’t put your white shirt on right away. Leave a few minutes so it can dry, then put your shirt on. If you’re out for work and you start sweating, go to the bathroom and dab your armpits with a paper towel. That’ll dry your armpits and prevent the stains from setting in.

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