How to Heal Your Knees and Improve the Health of Your Knee Joints

Knee pain is a common (and very painful) condition millions of people suffer from. It can be a disability if you don’t take action and strengthen this very important joint. Unfortunately, many people treat the symptoms with painkillers, which isn’t an ideal solution. Experts recommend certain exercises to heal and reinforce the joint, which will have a profound effect on your knees.

There are plenty of different ways experts recommend strengthening knees and reducing the pain. Some believe supplements with chondroitin and glucosamine are key. Others believe they only work with regular exercise included. Some people just stick to over-the-counter medications to treat the pain and power through it. However, many experts say that it’s important to mobilize the knee before you strengthen it and fight the pain.

Mobilizing Through Massage

According to modern reflexology, massaging the knees is great for mobilizing it due to releasing calcium deposits. They can build up around the joint and cause pain, wearing it down bit by bit. To massage your knee and mobilize it, put your fingers under the kneecap, and go with circular motions for 3-5 minutes. There’s a pressure point at this spot that can relieve the pain in your knees.

Other experts recommend soaking your painful knees in warm water. This should help relax the joint and reduce the gravity that bears down on it. Once the excess pressure goes away, you will reduce the swelling and the inflammation. We suggest adding some Epsom salt in the warm water and soaking your knee in it. Don’t go with hot water – it needs to be at an optimal 100 F to work best. Epsom salt is full of magnesium which is important for our joints, and will improve the flexibility of your knees.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that reflexology or an Epsom salt soak can help, but there are no side effects to these treatments. Popping pills to dull the pain is worse as it doesn’t deal with the original problem. Try your luck by mobilizing your knee before getting to the core of the problem with a specialist, and your chances of healing your knee will go up.

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