Important Things That Children Need To Know About Love

Fairy tales represent a rosy version of what love is, and for this reason, it’s up to parents to teach their children about the reality of love. Children need to know that love does not always mean knights in shiny armor or happily ever afters 

Therefore, parents need to be conscious of what they unintentionally teach their children about love. Moreover, they should teach their children things that will help them build healthy relationships.  

Abuse is not love 

Teasing and hitting should never be related to love. When your children come home crying about being hit by other children, never tell them that those children have a crush on them. In this way, you will teach them that abuse is love.  

There is give and take in love 

Children need to know that love represents giving and taking. They should know that they cannot only receive love. As much as children deserve love from others, they need to be taught to give their love to others, too. They should understand the importance of compromise and kindness.  

Loving yourself is important 

Children need to make a difference between loving themselves and being selfish. They need to be taught to accept themselves for who they are. They should not change themselves just to be loved by others.  

Respect is crucial in love 

Children need to know that love and respect go hand-in-hand. They should learn to respect and be respected. Without respect, love is toxic.  

Loving somebody does not mean they will love you back 

Parents try their best to give their children everything they want. However, children need to know that they will not always get what they want. One-sided love brings unhappiness and pain, but they need to learn to let it go. It is hard, but this is the only way to avoid being hurt.  

Love should make you a better person 

There are different types of love and children need to know that real love makes them better people. They should know that love encourages them to have a bright future.  

Loving others does not mean that you need to love yourself less 

Children need to know that when they love somebody, they do not need to sacrifice themselves or bend over for their loved ones. Compromise is of utter importance in a relationship, but they need to know that loving somebody does not mean loving yourself less. 

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