Studies Confirm: Crying Between 7 pm And 10 pm Helps You Lose Weight

Crying not only relieves emotional distress, but it also can help you lose weight. It is a natural response to pain, sadness, emotion, and stress.  

Dr. Aaron Neufeld said that there are three types of tears: reflex, basal, and psychic tears. Basal tears, also known as basic functional tears, maintain our eyes moist. Reflex tears, which are also known as irritation tears, are caused by environmental stressors, such as dust, smoke, wind, or allergy. However, psychic tears are shed when we are emotionally distressed. Moreover, psychic tears are the ones that we shed from emotions and that help us lose some weight.  

AsiaOne has recently published a new study, which shows that crying has plenty of health benefits. According to the findings of the study, emotional crying helps you lose weight because it increases the release of cortisol, a stress hormone related to belly fat. Cortisol is a hormone that is linked to our alertness.

When the levels of cortisol are increased, you are awake, active, motivated, and responsive to the environment. When you cry, cortisol helps you feel better and gives you the energy to be productive.  

William Frey, a biochemist, confirmed that stress-induced tears get rid of toxic substances from the body. Therefore, it is considered that emotional crying is an excretory process that eliminates toxic substances from the body. Moreover, the study shows that tears caused by real emotions have these beneficial effects 

When we get rid of the emotional stress and stressful hormones, our body cannot store more belly fat. Stress reduction will help your body to burn fat easily. It is confirmed that crying from 7 PM to 10 PM is the prime time to optimize the release of cortisone and lose weight. Therefore, the act of crying is considered an act of body cleansing.  

No one wants to cry. However, as you can see, crying is healthy for you because it can help you calm down and feel much better. If you are an emotional person who tends to cry a lot, do not feel bad about it. Studies confirm that crying helps you lose a few extra kilos.


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