Easy DIY Vapor Rub Shower Cubes You’re Going to Love

Do you love the fall? We certainly love it, but one thing that we hate about it are allergies. With trees shedding their leaves, people suffering from allergies can get pretty bad flare-ups. In that case, many reach for over the counter medications that rarely work.

One of the things that has helped many people endure in allergy season is Vapor rub. Just a tiny sniff from the container can do wonders and stop headaches and runny nose. Of course, it’s not a full solution, but it’s a solid one. Another thing that helps is a hot steamy shower which opens up our sinuses and let’s us breather easier in case of allergies.

What if you combine the two? In this article, we’ll show you how to make your own Vapor Rub shower cubes that are perfect for allergy season. Oh, these are great if you’re suffering from the flu or colds too.

DIY Vapor Rub Shower Cubes


  • 5 cups of corn flour or cornstarch
  • 4 tablespoons of Vapor Rub (Vicks)
  • Ice cube tray
  • 5 tablespoons of water
  • Blue food coloring


Mix the Vapor Rub and cornstarch on low heat. It’ll take some time to combine the two, but just keep going. You should get a paste without any powder in the bowl. Now, start adding the water tablespoon by tablespoon. Keep in mind that the mix should retain the paste consistency. The blue food coloring is optional, but we find it gives the shower cubes some character.

Now, press the paste into the ice cube tray and pack it tightly. Put it in the freezer for a couple of hours until the cubes set nicely. When you want to use them, just pop one out.

How to Use the Cubes?

Using the Vapor Rub shower cubes is easy. Take one and put it on the floor of your shower. As hot water runs through it, it’ll release the menthol and open up your airways. You can keep the cubes in a freezer and use them whenever you want.

When you start using the cubes, you’ll see that they leave a little gunk behind. That’s why it’s best to put them in your shower on a piece of plastic or foil, or just place them as close to the drain as possible. No need to throw out a cube after a shower. These can be reused several times, so one ice cube tray should last you for a long time.

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