DIY Aluminum Foil Dryer Sheet Alternatives

Dryer sheets are commonly used when drying clothes nowadays. They’re a great solution to soften clothes, but one big problem is that they sometimes leave residue on the laundry. This happens all too frequently nowadays, and people are looking for alternatives quite often. The good news is that you don’t need to buy another dryer sheet brand – you can just use aluminum foil.

Inexpensive aluminum foil has plenty of uses, and it can also replace your sticky dryer sheets. It will prevent static cling from your clothes and make them softer than ever.

How to Soften Your Clothes with DIY Aluminum Balls

Aluminum foil has plenty of surprising uses. One of the most surprising ones is the one we wrote about earlier – an alternative to dryer sheets. Aluminum foil will eliminate any static cling which is one of the reasons why some people hate dryer sheets.

To use them instead of the sheets, simply cut a bigger piece of foil and roll it into a ball. It should be around 3 square feet of foil for 1 ball. Roll them as tightly as possible – you don’t want the foil opening up in your drying machine. You should have 3 balls that are about 3 in. in diameter. Just put them inside the dryer and you’re good to go.

These aluminum balls are a great alternative to dryer sheets. They’re easy and safe to use and free of any toxic chemicals. Plus, they’re extremely cheap and can be reused for about 6 months. At the same time, these balls will speed up the drying process and make your clothes softer than ever.

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