70+ Uses of Everyday Products that Will Help Keep You Healthy And Save Your Money

Quite often, we do not want to buy many products for the household because they are expensive. Also such products have too high prices for the value they give and the effect too, so you always end up needing more than one product to finish the job, and budget is the one taking the toll.

This can be some detergent, or maybe skin care, but not always you get the good results from all of this. Still, if you have sources of finding what you need, the solution can be almost zero cost or a bit more, and this has its own benefits. This means you do not need to spend fortunes to get a job done, and most things are already in your home, bathroom, kitchen….sounds amazing, right?

In this way, your problem is resolved very fast for almost no cost. See our examples of products below.

Excellent everyday products uses you have not known until now

Lemon Juice

  1. Makes clothes whiter
  2. Cleans glass and mirror surfaces
  3. Diinfects boards for cutting
  4. Cleans bowls of toilet
  5. Erases spots from sun damage
  6. Makes hair lighter with highlights
  7. Reduces wrinkles
  8. Makes pores smaller
  9. Improves digestion
  10. Makes sore throat healed
  11. Detoxifies
  12. Makes immune system strong


Coconut oil

  1. Removes scum of shower
  2. Cleans wood surfaces
  3. Amazing as hair serum
  4. Great for lip gloss use
  5. Removes wrinkles
  6. Deodorant use too
  7. Makes thyroid work better
  8. Alleviates migraines


Apple cider vinegar

  1. Makes laundry deodorized
  2. Cleans microwaves
  3. Repels fleas
  4. Relieves sunburn
  5. Cleans hair
  6. Dries acne
  7. Promotes weight loss
  8. Good as aftershave
  9. Detoxifies the body
  10. Fights yeast infections
  11. Regulates blood pressure
  12. Helps with cold or flu


White vinegar

  1. Polishes silver
  2. Cleans window surfaces
  3. Removes bad smell and odors
  4. Unclogging of drains
  5. Soothe upset belly
  6. Conditioner for hair
  7. Soothes bee stings and bug bites
  8. Makes meat tender
  9. Erases scent or odor of garlic
  10. Keeps veggies fresh longer


Baking soda

  1. Cleans grill and oven surfaces
  2. Cleans tubs and toilets
  3. Extinguishes fire
  4. Good as deodorant
  5. Toothpaste use too
  6. Soothes heartburns
  7. Crispy effect for chicken
  8. Omelettes can be fluffy with this too
  9. Leavening agent purpose


Castille soap

  1. As dish soap
  2. Cleaner for all purposes too
  3. Floor polisher
  4. Body shower agent
  5. Pet shampoo
  6. Toothpaste
  7. Remedy for psoriasis and eczema
  8. Acne treatment


Castor oil

  1. Repellent for rodents
  2. Grease for scissors
  3. Stronger eyelashes
  4. Food for plants
  5. Cracked heels skin remedy
  6. Softer cuticles
  7. Remedy for itchy and dry skin
  8. Labor inducing
  9. Laxative effect
  10. Remedy for PMS pains
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