7 Creative and Unexpected Uses Of Leftover Coffee Grounds

According to NRDC, the most commonly thrown-out food items are coffee grounds. It is not surprising that about 63% of Americans consume two cups of coffee a day, which means 414 million coffee cups a day.  

It is considered that a coffee consumer uses 2 tablespoons of coffee per cap on average. This means that we throw out 25 pounds of coffee grounds per day.  

Fortunately, we can use coffee grounds in the household and prevent environmental damage.  

7 amazing uses of coffee grounds 

1. Fertilize indoor house plants 

You can fertilize your house plants with coffee grounds. All you need to do is to add a spoonful of coffee grounds to the plants every 4 – 6 weeks. You should take into consideration the fact that coffee grounds contain nitrogen, caffeine, and acid, and may damage the plants. You should use them in moderation.  

2. Prepare a home-made body scrub 

You can use coffee grounds to prepare a homemade body scrub with coffee grounds and coconut oil.  

3. Absorb bad odor 

Store dried coffee grounds in a jar and place it at a place where there is a bad odor. It can be used to eliminate bad fridge odor, too.  

4. Use it as a natural fertilizer in your garden 

You can use coffee grounds as a natural fertilizer in your garden to enhance water retention, drainage, and soil aeration.  

5. Use it as a repellent 

Dried coffee grounds can be used as a natural mosquito repellent.  

6. Use it as an abrasive agent 

Dried coffee grounds can be used as an abrasive agent to get rid of burnt food off your pans and pots.  

7. Create fertile soil 

Dried coffee grounds contain nitrogen, which is beneficial for creating fertile soil.

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