The Heart of Empathy: 10 Genuine Behaviors of an Authentic Empath

In case you consider yourself to be an empath, this isn’t a bad thing. You just need to know how to protect yourself, so that you could live freely and full of energy and not be down all the time.

1. Other People’s Energy Is Also Your Energy

It’s the main characteristic of an empath. Someone else’s emotions and energy are also your own. You start crying when someone’s crying. If someone is fearful and negative, you become like that, too. You just need to make sure you’re aware that this is a normal thing. Then, maybe you’ll be able to do something about it.

2. High Natural Intuition

Empaths have really unique skills in terms of intuition. It’s similar to clairsentient people, except they don’t feel the emotion. They just sense some things. Empaths feel things in a physical way. You only look at a person and know how he/she feels. You understand their way of thinking because it’s easy for you.

3. You Become Easily Drained By People

It’s something which can be a problem. Feeling people’s emotions makes you tired all the time. You give some of your energy in order to help other people. You are irritated, drained, and upset. You have to try and stop doing that. You can only do that for people who are very close to you. You need to enjoy more free time for yourself. You need to come first.

4. Broken People Are What Attract You

Your mind is sending a message to the universe that you have the time and energy for everyone, even a complete stranger. You can listen and talk to them, but also help them. In case you start ignoring people that aren’t close to you who have problems, they won’t come near you. Remember that you are the most important person in this world and not everyone else.

5. Crowds Affect You

Parties, events, rooms, and streets full of crowds make you filled with different emotions in every way. This is the nightmare for every empath. Try to use some sort of protection, for example, protection stones to annul this energy.

6. It Is Important Where You Live

There are empaths who feel like it’s their curse to feel all the pain in this world. They feel the pain of the whole neighborhood. There are many empaths who live in areas where there isn’t much energy. The country is just the perfect place for empaths.

7. You Are VERY Sensitive

You can’t stand suffering or pain. You suffer with them, too. There are empaths with physical symptoms, as we’ve already mentioned. Some even feel the violence from TV, so they switch channels or leave the room.

8. Lies Are Something You Can See Through

You always know when a person is lying. Sometimes you can’t prove it, but you just know which person can be trusted and which can’t.

9. Emotional Healing Is Something You’re Gifted With

The time and compassion you spend on other people make you heal them. That’s why you attract these people. You are really helpful, caring and understanding. This is a real gift that not everyone has.In time, you’ll have to learn who you should heal because there are people who won’t appreciate your help. You are worth a lot since you offer so much to the world.

10. Empaths Ignore Their Own Problems

Your problems are in the last place because you’re busy helping other people. You never talk about your needs. You shouldn’t suppress your problems in order to help everyone. You may not even realize this, but it’s true. You have to learn how to take care of yourself. Take as much time as you need. In this way, you won’t break down!

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