10 Warning Signs That Your Eyes Might Be Telling You About Your Health 

Eyes are known as the mirror of the soul, showing what we have in our hearts. But they also speak about our physical health too. That is why we should pay bigger attention to them. if you notice any of the symptoms below, we strongly suggest visiting a doctor.

1. Swollen eyes

If your eyes are swollen in the morning, it means that you’re exhausted. Your level of fatigue is pretty high, so you must try your best to find some rest and increase your energy. Remember that you are the important person in your life, so take better care of yourself and your health.

2. Seeing floaters often

All of us see floaters sometimes, but when someone sees them very often, then this could indicate problems with the retina. These retinal issues might imply the possibility of an actual detachment which is something serious that needs to be checked as soon as possible.

3. White spot on the cornea

If your cornea has a small white spot on it, you should be alerted as it may be the sign of a coronal infection. You must treat the infection as soon as you can, to prevent its progression.

4. Blurry vision

We all experience blurry vision from time to time, and sometimes it could be related to our blood flow instead of our eyes. If we want to be sure, then it is recommendable to check the blood in order to prevent blood flow complications. If everything is OK with your blood, you should proceed to see an ophtalmologist.

5. Dropped eyelids

If your muscles feel weak then you may have myasthenia gravis. Rapid fatigue of the muscles in your body is a characteristic of this condition, and the muscles around your eyes are also in danger. So when your eyelids are dropped, your eyes may feel tired due to myasthenia gravis.

6. White or gray ring around the iris

If you notice a ring around your iris that can be white or gray, you may have high cholesterol. This is a sign especially in younger generations that mustn’t be overlooked but taken seriously.

7. Red and wet eyes

Red and very wet eyes indicate that you may have some allergies. Allergies can be treated very easily, but check it more carefully as there may exist some more serious problems.

8. Bulging eyes

Having bulging eyes is one of the signs that point to Graves’ disease which is a disorder of the immune system followed by an overproduction of the hormones in the thyroid gland. If your bulging eyes also feel pain or pressure, have double vision, and look swollen or withdrawn, then this for sure means you have this disorder.

9. Yellowish eyes

If the white part of your eyes is actually not white but yellowish, this could indicate serious issues with the liver.

10. Sore and losing eyelashes

If you feel constant pain in your eyes and your eyelashes are losing, then this can be a sign of basal cell carcinomas which is skin cancer. Visit your doctor immediately and check your eyes.

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