Heal Your Body and Increase Blood Flow with This Simple Reflexology Trick

There are plenty of massage points on our feet. Foot massage is the best treatment that calms down the body and improves overall health.  

Reflexology represents a massage method, which gets rid of stress and prevents health issues. It relaxes the body by treating some reflex points on the head, hands, and feet. All these points are related to some parts of our body. 

Where does reflexology originate from? 

Foot massages were first reported in Egypt and China. Later, they were spread to the whole Roman Empire. Nowadays, doctors and therapists still practice foot massages.  

The reflexology method is comprised of foot massage techniques, which treat several acupuncture points on the feet. Moreover, they enhance the proper functioning of the body, prevent health ailments, and lead to better health.  

Health benefits of foot massages 

There are numerous health benefits of this reflexology method, including: 

  1. Reduces blood pressure 
  2. Speeds up blood flow 
  3. Eliminates pain and aches 
  4. Relieves stiffness 
  5. Improves the metabolic processes 
  6. Promotes the function of the body 
  7. Stimulates the nerves and muscles 
  8. Treats stress and fatigue 
  9. Enhances the immune system 
  10. Boosts the function of the lymphatic system 
  11. Gets rid of migraines and headaches 
  12. Leads to a better sleep quality 
  13. Fights depression 
  14. Makes feet healthier 
  15. Prevents Edema 
  16. Eases menopause and PMS symptoms 
  17. Treats restless leg syndrome 


Simple foot massage steps 

Stick to these foot massage steps every night before bedtime and enjoy their health benefits: 

  1. Wash your feet in warm water 
  2. In a lotion, add essential oil, such as tea tree oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, or lavender oil. You can also use almond oil or coconut essential oil instead of a lotion.  
  3. Apply some lotion on your hands and start massaging the feet.  
  4. Twist and pull the toes on your feet, starting from the largest toe to the smallest one.  
  5. Take a look at the reflexology chart given below and press the soles of your feet with the thumbs.  
  6. Massage the heels, the ankles, and the Achilles area.  
  7. Also, massage the top of your feet. 
  8. Massage your foot for 10 minutes. 

For best results, do this reflexology method every night. Massage both of your feet before going to bed and enjoy the health benefits that this method offers.  

Most people benefit from a regular foot massage. Nevertheless, avoid foot massages if there are open healing wounds, burns on your feet, fractures, and osteoporosis.  

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