This Essential Oil Treats Anxiety, Relieves Arthritis Pain, And Improves Sleep Quality

What is the difference between German and Roman chamomile oil?  

There are different varieties of chamomile oil, but Roman and German chamomile essential oils contain some of the most beneficial health properties.  The two plants are completely different in appearance. The chemical composition of the active components differs, too. Their active ingredient is chamazulene, which is higher in German chamomile. Moreover, Roman chamomile oil has been used as a natural remedy for inflammation, digestive disorders, skin problems, and other health ailments.  

10 Health benefits of chamomile oil 

Chamomile essential oil has more than 120 secondary metabolites, 36 flavonoids, and 28 terpenoids. It is generally made of tiglic acid, angelic acid esters, camphene, butyl angelate, a-pinene, and farnesene, which possess powerful antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties.  

In addition, due to its potent antimicrobial, antispasmodic, and antioxidant properties, you can use chamomile essential oil for:

  1. Digestive issues 

Studies confirmed that chamomile oil offers protection against diarrhea and accumulation of fluids in the intestines.  

Moreover, due to its muscle-relaxing properties, chamomile oil can also help treat digestive problems, such as cramping and indigestion.  

      2. Wound healing 

A 2018-study found out that chamomile ointment had higher antibacterial activity and wound healing effect than placebo and tetracycline ointment.  

      3. Depression 

Anxiety and depression come together. Chamomile extract can reduce the symptoms of depression after 8 weeks of treatment. Nevertheless, it is important to mention that you can take chamomile extract orally, but chamomile oil should not be ingested.  

Moreover, chamomile oil can help reduce anxiety symptoms and increase cortisol levels in the morning. Low levels of cortisol are closely related to anxiety disorders.

      4. Skin irritation 

Researchers found out that chamomile essential oil can also relieve the symptoms of atopic dermatitis by applying the oil to the skin.  

     5. Pain relief 

A 2015-study investigated the effectiveness of chamomile oil in the treatment of osteoarthritis. After applying chamomile oil three times per day for three weeks, the participants of the study reported a reduced need for medication pain relief.  

     6. Anti-cancer properties 

Studies evaluated the effectiveness of chamomile essential oil on cancer cells. They showed that chamomile extract treatment can reduce the ability of cancer cells to develop blood vessels, which is required for keeping tumors alive.

Moreover, apigenin, a  component of chamomile, is considered to inhibit the growth of cancer cells.  

     7. Heart health 

Chamomile essential oil contains flavonoids, which are related to heart health. Flavonoids reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and lower the tension in the blood vessels. Moreover, the calming properties of chamomile oil calm the nervous system, which enables a proper flow of blood from and to the heart.  

     8. Insomnia treatment 

Chamomile oil possesses relaxing and calming effects on the nervous system and can help fall asleep. Inhaling chamomile oil through a diffuser or steam can relieve anxiety and improve sleep quality. Also, it contains benzothiophene properties that have the same effects as hypnosis.  

     9. Eliminates toxins 

Due to its sudorific properties, chamomile oil stimulates perspiration, which calms down the body and gets rid of toxins and harmful chemicals from the body. Also, it promotes oxygenation and blood circulation. 

     10. Treating PMS 

Chamomile oil possesses relaxing and anti-spasmodic properties, which are beneficial for treating PMS symptoms. Chamomile tea has been used to treat pain and spasms during PMS. Moreover, chamomile oil can be applied topically to relieve muscle cramps and relax the nerves.

To sum up, chamomile essential oil has been used to treat numerous health conditions, such as wound healing, digestive issues, and so on. Research has started to shed light on other health benefits, like its ability to treat anxiety disorders, depression, and sleep issues.  

You can inhale chamomile oil with a diffuser, add a few drops of it to your bath, or apply it to your skin. However, you should talk to your doctor before using chamomile essential oil to treat medical conditions. Also, it should be used in moderation and should be avoided during pregnancy as it may have side effects.

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