These Major 6 Signs Mean You Have a Hormone Imbalance

Our hormones control everything we do and function on the inside of the body, as well as the outside too! They regulate metabolism, immune system, menstruations, reproduction, and sperm creation, and any imbalance can damage these vital processes and much more in the health.

Many glands make our hormones; thyroid, pituitary, and parathyroid too, as well as adrenal, chest, testicles, pancreas, and ovaries.

All this said, it is vital to know the signs of imbalance in hormones and take action if it happens, to be healthy again and function well.

What is the reason for the imbalance in hormones?

In modern times it is common and normal kind of to have such an imbalance because we lead unhealthy lives and have such habits, we live in cities of pollution, there are external things affecting us tool stre4ss, bad diet, polluted water, lack of sleep, lack of workouts too. So, keep in mind also that many factors like natural ones affect females more and their menopause process, fertility, and regular periods.

Some other things to keep in mind are birth control and supplements for the hormones, they also trigger a lot of effects on the body!

When the hormones do not work properly, we get moody, tired, and our appearance suffers too. But, what causes this havoc and chaos in the body?

Here are the most frequent and common reasons for imbalance:

Depression and mood shifts

This is more common in women than in men, especially because women get periods every month, of course! This is more notable before getting a period and it is normal. No reason for mood changes, hunger, fatigue, and also such unpleasant symptoms are similar to some extent in menopause, but with opposites at times. Depression or stress anxiety is clear signs of some toxicity or imbalance, working too much, lack of sleep, lack of water for drinking, and improper diets.

Weight changes (mostly gaining weight)

A lot of people fight a battle to keep a healthy weight, and they have to sacrifice good foods and o a lot of sports. Others keep a good weight without such troubles. Well, this injustice is the difference in hormone work. The changes in hormones are seen through weight gain that is impossible to shed even with a good diet and workouts. Lack or excess of some hormones means we keep fat and do not gain muscle but lose it. The reason for this could be the thyroid gland and also bad insulin work and secretion. Even small diet changes like no sugar, no flour no fast foods too will improve the health and hormones. A lot of estrogens, low testosterone, and high cortisol also cause us to keep fat in the stomach. Not enough thyroid hormones also make our metabolism be very slow.

Acne skin

Skin prone to acne is common in girls and women before the period, but this can be soothed with a proper diet and no greasy foods or sugars. A lot of some hormones will clog the por4es and trap the dirt inside, cause pimples and acne too. Sometimes, painful and huge acne appear and they are cystic acne and caused by androgynous hormones (like testosterone). This hormone makes more sebum and fat layers that are trapped underneath the skin. They pile up bacteria and make more pimples and acne. More testosterone in women means more acne.

Fatigue that does not stop

It is normal to be tired after you get up for work or similar and to need a nap mid-day too, but also too much tiredness like this can mean hormone problems. Even after 8 hours of good sleep, you might look and feel tired. Excess of progesterone is the cause for this. The thyroid is another indicator for the cause of this problem or its working less. This goes hand in hand with weight gain, and it is hard to lose the extra pounds even with good habits. The metabolism is controlled by the thyroid hormones, but if they decline a lot, the whole body will manifest it through menstruation processes, digestion, heart pulse, and similar.

More hairs all over

If you suddenly become harder than before or have haors now when you never had them, it is a hormone problem as well. Many women fight this problem with all they got, others do not have it. It can appear on the face, chest, arms, stomach, and other parts too where it should not be or it should be blonde and soft.

Foggy brain and a bad memory

No capacity to recall things or store them in your memory is another sign of hormonal issues. This means your cortisol is low, and estrogen is low too. Many experts claim that lack of estrogen means you forget easily, cannot focus, and feel blurry. Also, short-term memory is affected by cortisol and lack of it, and this affects learning skills too.

This process of balancing the hormones is not super easy, but if you go through it, is worth it. Start off with the diet. Cut down on sugar, fast food, greasy foods, alcohol, coffee, juices, be relaxed, and sleep more. If you binge sugar, you will have a lot of insulin and testosterone, and estrogen too. Flour is the same as sugar! Avoid gluten and dairy as well to avoid inflammations and infections too.

If you remove these bad foods, you will notice major positive things in your health soon. Try more organic foods, more protein, fewer carbs, clean drinking water, and teas.

Also, try those detox programs for at least a week. Consult a doctor or expert for this beforehand.

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