How to Brush Your Teeth The Right Way?

Did you know that you have been brushing your teeth the wrong way your whole life? Why? Let us explain. First, brushing the teeth back and forth is a method that should be applied only while we are very small kids. Also, brushing your teeth in circles is used for jerking.

The Modified Bass technique is the ideal method that you should be used for brushing your teeth.  It is very simple just like a song, so check it out.

How to brush your teeth according to the Modified Bass Technique?

Place your toothbrush at around an angle from 50 degrees at the end of the gums, where your teeth begin. Then, wiggle your toothbrush a couple of times, and then slowly roll it down. Compared to the ordinary Bass technique, this one requires wiggling of the toothbrush. In the ordinary Bass technique, you only place your toothbrush at an angle from 45 degrees and you roll it down slowly without wiggling.

The modified version of this technique was proven to be more effective. How long you will brush your teeth in one area depends on the amount of plaque that you can find there. Plaque is something that must be removed if you want to have healthy and long-lasting teeth. Therefore, if you want to make sure that you haven’t missed any important part of your teeth, try your best to overlap them while brushing them with a toothbrush.

Repeat this motion on every area in the oral cavity. First, you should cover the outer part of the teeth, and then the inside.

How to brush your front teeth?

When you brush your front teeth, instead of using the Modified Bass technique, clean them with simpler movements. Your upper and lower front teeth need to be brushed just by going up and down, with your toothbrush holding vertically instead of horizontally. This part of the teeth is smaller, that is why you should use your toothbrush in this way, so it can reach the smallest places to clean them.

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