Finding Strength: The Positive Side of a Breakup

People often leave us for different reasons. Some people may leave in order to pursue goals or dreams they have, while others might be looking for something that was missing from their current situation. At the end of the day, however, it all boils down to a need for growth and change.

For example, if someone feels stuck in their current circumstances and is not sure how to get out of it, leaving can seem like the only option. This can lead to them seeking out a new environment or experience that will allow them to reach new heights and discover different aspects of themselves. Ultimately, people leave us because they are looking for a way to better themselves and reach their goals. After he left, I felt like my world had been robbed of oxygen and for a while, I just let life pass me by. But then I realized I had to keep going – even if it hurt.

So I took the time to grieve him, and then I began living again by pushing myself further than ever before. With each step forward, my heart grew a little bit lighter until eventually, I was able to breathe again. I found solace in the form of a therapist who helped me heal from my divorce, spiritual guidance that helped me find my way back, and other divorcees who could relate to what I was going through. Beyond that, I also discovered meditation which was an incredible source of comfort amidst all the pain and chaos.

Through this experience, I have grown and come to understand that asking for help is the first step to healing. I now realize that drawing on different sources of strength allows us to discover our true potential and unleash ourselves into the world.

I’ll never get over him,” I thought to myself as I stepped into the therapist’s office. This was my first time seeing a therapist, and despite feeling incredibly anxious, I knew it was something I had to do. It started out slowly; at first, we just talked about my pain and anger. Then we started talking about why my relationship ended and what caused it in the first place. The therapist showed me that when it came to relationships, the best way to approach them is with an open mind, a healthy dose of self-respect, and a willingness to work on any issues that come up. She also taught me how important communication and compromise are in any successful relationship.

Therapy can be incredibly helpful when navigating a difficult life event such as a breakup, as it can offer a neutral perspective. A therapist can provide an objective point of view and help you to understand and process the emotions that may come up during this trying time. They can also give valuable advice on how to move forward with your life in a healthy way, which is important for restoring balance and peace.

Additionally, therapy sessions provide an environment where it’s safe to express your thoughts and feelings without judgment, allowing you to gain greater self-awareness and clarity. Ultimately, therapy can be an incredibly important tool in helping you work through emotional upheaval such as going through a breakup.

With this newfound insight, I was able to start healing from my breakup by learning from it instead of dwelling on it. Slowly but surely, my heart began mending itself until one day, I realized that I had finally moved on.

Meeting my ex

After parting ways with my ex after a full year of not seeing him, I realized how much I had outgrown him. It was clear from the experiences and lessons I had gained during our time apart that it was no longer possible to grow together. The independence I cultivated while being single, the patience I learned from dealing with someone struggling with their own demons, and the appreciation for different cultures which came from traveling all served as evidence that it was better for us to take separate paths.

From this breakup, I learned that you never know when you’ll learn your last lesson from your partner. But also such situations can be a chance to look at the growth you have experienced without them, so it is important to cherish your time together while you have it.

My ex had stagnated in his development since we split up; he hadn’t grown emotionally or mentally like me, instead growing physically stronger than before. The image of Dorothy encountering the Tin Man begging for oil in “The Wizard of Oz” came to mind as an apt comparison—and despite feeling sorry for him, I was thankful that this person left my life was for the best.

Reflecting on my breakup with my ex, I was thankful that I had decided to move on and explore the world. It was clear that if we had stayed together, he would have impeded my growth. Our paths diverged and I embarked on a journey of self-discovery that led me to 15 different countries. Even as I experienced pain along the way, every moment provided an opportunity for learning and evolution, as exemplified by my passport full of stamps that symbolize each experience.

Later, another ex re-emerged in my life, only to find him too stuck in the same place he was during our relationship. Witnessing his lack of growth made me grateful for each lesson learned from this period of time apart.

Don’t beat yourself up

When someone exits your life, it can be a difficult decision to accept. But there is always something larger at play that we cannot see. Examining the relationship after it has ended can provide valuable insight; yet, it’s possible for us to simply appreciate the lesson learned and move on without blame or guilt. My exes served as anchors in my journey, tying me down with their weight and smothering my ambition out of existence. By releasing them from my life I was able to continue rising up and discovering who I’m supposed to be. Meeting my past full-on allowed me to make sense of today– making the process of pain much more bearable with gratitude for its subsequent beauty.

Final thought

Though it’s hard to accept, there are times when those around us must move on and leave. Though it may feel like a loss, we should remember that these departures can offer strength for our personal growth. By claiming the wisdom of those who have left, we can become even more powerful than ever before. We may not be able to understand the bigger picture right away but by leaning into our journey rather than pushing back we can come out more resilient and enlightened on the other side.

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