7 Clever Tips to Wash Your Hair Properly

If we want to have healthy and moisturized hair, we need to understand the process in which the hair naturally hydrates. Scalp and hair moisturize naturally due to the sebaceous glands in the skin, which produce sebum. The sebaceous glands are located in the dermis.  

These glands reach the follicles of the hair so that the sebum reaches the hair and prevents its drying. Genes and hormones are some of the factors, which can influence the production of sebum.  

It is clear that hair hygiene is not the same for everybody, and according to the experts, washing your hair daily can be more harmful than beneficial.  

7 steps to wash your hair properly 

If you want your hair to be clean and nurtured, you should know how to wash it properly. The health and the glow of your hair depend on the way you wash it.  

If you want to have healthy, strong, and nurtured hair, here are some tips on how to wash it properly.  

Step 1: Start by rinsing your hair well 

Before you put shampoo on your hair, make sure you wet it thoroughly. Hot water will open the pores and get rid of the dirt accumulated in the hair. Moreover, it will allow the conditioner oil and the shampoo to be absorbed completely.  

Step 2: If you have long hair, apply conditioner first 

Putting conditioner on your hair before shampooing will prevent damaging the fragile ends of your hair. It will also make your hair shiny and moisturized.  

This will not only keep your ends healthy, but it will also give your hair more shine and moisture. 

Step 3: Put shampoo only on the scalp 

Since the youngest hair grows near the scalp and it is the greasiest area, you should shampoo it well, leaving the fragile ends of the hair which are dry and damaged.  

If your hair is thick and long, you can apply shampoo twice. 

Step 4: Gently massage the hair 

While rinsing your hair, it is important to massage it gently. Hair breakage is usually caused by friction, which damages the hair’s cuticle. First, shampoo the roots using vertical strokes. It will stimulate hair growth and blood circulation. Do not use circular motions because they will entangle your hair.  

The same applies when you towel-dry your hair.  

Step 5: Wash the hair once 

If your hair is dirty or if you have applied oily hair masks before, you can wash your hair twice. In other cases, avoid shampooing your hair twice. Once is more than enough.

Step 6: Apply conditioner only on the tips of your hair 

After rinsing your hair, squeeze the water and apply the hair conditioner only on the tips of your hair. If you want the conditioner to last longer, put a hair clip to your hair and keep it for a few minutes.  

Step 7: Wash your hair with cold water 

Washing your hair with a cold rinse will help strengthen your hair, close the cuticles, and make it look shiny.  

Additional tips: you should always choose the products you are using for your hair carefully. Use products that match your hair type. For instance, if you have colored hair, you can use color hair products. If you have dry hair, use moisturizing shampoos.  

How often you should wash your hair? 

If you have oily hair, you can wash it every day. However, if you have normal hair, it is recommended to wash it three times per week.  

Follow these steps and wash your hair the right way to make it clean, shiny, healthy, and moisturized.

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