The Best Brain Exercises to Boost Memory, Focus and Attention

The proper function of the brain depends on many factors, including lifestyle habits, exercise, proper nutrition, and so on.  

8 Exercises to promote the health of the brain 

If you want to enhance the function of the brain and promote its vitality, here are some exercises for you. They will help you strengthen your brain function and improve your memory. Try doing one of these exercises daily.  

1. Stay active 

Being active and focusing on things is of utter importance for enhancing brain health. Use your positive energy and strive to achieve your goals. The proper functioning of the brain depends on both your mental and physical activity.  

2. Stick to a healthy and balanced diet and improve your sleep 

In order to function properly, both the body and the brain need rest. The brain rests when you sleep. Therefore, it is important to sleep 7 – 8 hours per night.  

Moreover, proper nutrition is also essential for the proper functioning of the body. You should stick to a healthy and balanced diet and include more minerals, fiber, and vitamins in your diet.  

Your brain will function properly if you follow a healthy diet, sleep well, and exercise regularly.  

3. Do puzzles and teasers 

If you want to train your brain, spend more time on solving puzzles, teasers, and crosswords. Not only do they activate the cells of the brain, but they will also promote your logical thinking, and enhance your visual and perceptual skills.  

4. Solve math problems 

To improve the function of your brain, you do not need to solve geometric figures, limits, or equations. You can simply write different numbers on a piece of paper and do basic math operations.  

Solving basic math operations one minute per day will help you train your brain and improve its function.  

5. Spend time reading books 

Reading books will help you learn new vocabulary, improve the focus of your brain, and promote your imaginative and analytical skills.  

In addition, reading books will help you cope with stress and anxiety. It relieves stress and calms down your brain.  

6. Lumosity 

Lumosity is a popular web application, which offers numerous activities for training your brain. It can be downloaded for free.  

Also, it offers fun and simple exercises, which you can do at home and promote the function of your brain.  

7. Meditation 

If you are stressed, the brain cannot function properly. Therefore, one of the most efficient ways to reduce and relieve stress is to meditate.  

However, you do not have to go to yoga classes. There are many simple yoga activities available online, which you can do in the comfort of your home.  

8. Listen to music 

Music is considered to promote the power of the brain. Listening to music will help you stimulate your cognitive abilities and verbal fluency skills.  

Moreover, music can promote mental focus and improve cognitive functioning. It engages the areas of the brain that are involved in paying attention, updating memory, and making predictions.

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