Body Language: Can You Tell Which Of These Women In The Photo Is Lying?

Being able to tell what other people are thinking is a useful skill. When it comes to communication, picking up the gestures and signals to decode what somebody is thinking is an important skill.  

Being able to know this information will give you a hand in all situations. Is the person lying? Is the person interested in the conversation?  

A person, who lies, does microexpressions. They are facial expressions that last for a few seconds due to an involuntary and voluntary emotional response. 

Subconscious body language 

When a person lies, they know that the truth will be revealed if they are not careful. A sudden confrontation, unexpected question, or skepticism can get a person, who is lying, on their toes. Their body language simply sells them out.   

Which of these women is lying? 

Take a look at the picture below. Can you tell which of the women is lying? They have their hands in different positions that reveal how they feel.  

If you are not sure, here is the right answer: 

Woman No. 1 

It is impossible that the first woman is lying. She holds her arms open, which means that she is open for communication and has nothing to hide.  

Woman No. 2 

The second woman is a bit suspicious. She touches her ear to distract people’s attention while speaking. Pulling an ear may be a sign of nervousness. She also does not know what to do with her hands. It means that she may be hiding something.  

Woman No. 3 

The third woman looks very interested in the conversation. She listens carefully to her talker and also expresses her opinion. While speaking, she touches her chin, which means that she is honest.  

Woman No. 4  

The fourth woman is the liar. Her body language reveals that she is hiding her mouth with her hands. This is a sign that she is hiding the truth.  

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