27 Texts To Send A Friend That Ghosted You

Friendships are an emotional tapestry woven with shared laughs, deep talks, and countless memories. However, the pattern can fray when one friend unexpectedly retreats into silence, commonly known as “ghosting.” Ghosting isn’t an exclusive phenomenon of romantic relationships; it can happen between friends, and it can sting just as much. If you’ve been ghosted by a friend and you’re mulling over your next move, fret not. We’ve prepared a toolkit of texts designed to patch up your friendship tapestry, whether you need a light-hearted stitch or a bold new thread.

Friendly Reconnection Texts (Light-Hearted Check-Ins)

  1. “Hey there, remember me? I’m starting to think I’ve been replaced by your toaster. How’s that new recipe we were supposed to try together coming along?”

When friend-to-friend communication goes radio silent, sometimes a gentle tease can lift the veil of awkwardness.

  1. “It’s been a while! Just realized I missed your terrible [insert sport team of choice here] puns. How’s life post-championship?”

This type of text offers a low-pressure approach that focuses on the positive aspects of your friendship without dwelling on the ghosting.

  1. “The room just got a bit darker since I haven’t heard from you. Thinking of you, and hoping to share a good laugh soon!”

Here, the message highlights the impact of the ghosting in a light and positive manner, emphasizing humor and the shared experience of laughter.

Friendly Reconnection Texts (Shared Memories or Inside Jokes)

  1. “Hey, remember that time we got lost in that corn maze and argued about which way was ‘definitely the exit’? Good times, man.”

Rekindle the camaraderie and humor of past shared experiences to remind your friend of the bond you share.

  1. “Every time I eat [favorite food of choice] now, I think of you and those ‘world’s best chef’ aprons we used to joke about. Miss you!”

Invoking personal, positive memories showcases the unique connection you had and encourages your friend to reconnect on a warm note.

  1. “Wow, it’s been quiet around here without your puns to keep me in stitches. I dare say the silence is the real joke.”

By referring to a shared brand of humor or a particular trait, you show how your lives are intertwined and highlight what your friend brings to your daily life.

Friendly Reconnection Texts (Expressing Understanding and Openness)

  1. “I get that life gets crazy. Just know that my door is always open, and it doesn’t matter how long it’s been—our friendship still stands.”

Acknowledging the reality of busy lives shows empathy and assures your friend that they don’t have to be afraid to reach out.

  1. “Hey, I know we both have a lot going on. Just wanted to say I value our friendship, and I’m here whenever you need to talk.”

Expressing understanding and support sends a clear message that your concern is genuine, and you’re ready to move forward with an open heart.

  1. “I understand sometimes we all need a little space. But just wanted you to know, I miss our talks and I’m here to chat whenever you’re ready.”

This message conveys empathy and a non-invasive offer to be there without pressuring your friend to explain their absence.

Direct Communication Texts (Seeking Clarity on the Ghosting)

  1. “I hope I haven’t done anything that made you feel like you can’t talk to me. I’m here to listen if there’s something you need to share.”

Sometimes the best approach is direct, but also allowing space for the other person to open up on their own terms.

  1. “Can we talk about what’s been going on? It feels weird not hearing from you, and I’m worried something’s up.”

Directly addressing the issue can be the best way to get to the root of the situation, which may be a misunderstanding or a personal issue unrelated to your friendship.

  1. “Is everything okay? I’ve noticed you’ve been distant lately. If there’s something I’ve done, I’d like to make it right.”

Approaching with concern but also with a willingness to amend any unknown grievances can show the depth of your care for the friendship.

Direct Communication Texts (Sharing Feelings and Impact)

  1. “Your silence has been louder than any words you’ve said. Missing our friendship more than I thought—can we reconnect?”

Expressing the impact of the ghosting without accusatory language can be a powerful way to communicate your feelings and the void it’s left behind.

  1. “I’ve felt a bit ghosted recently, and it’s been tough. Our friendship really means a lot, and I hope we can work through whatever’s going on.”

Sharing your feelings directly and honestly emphasizes the value you place on the friendship and the desire to resolve any issues.

  1. “I’m not sure what’s changed, but I want you to know that your friendship has always meant a lot to me. I’d love to chat and pick up where we left off.”

Reminding your friend of the long-standing bond you share can be a gentle way to encourage them to open up and share their thoughts.

Direct Communication Texts (Offering Forgiveness and Moving Forward)

  1. “No hard feelings, okay? Life happens, and sometimes the best of us get a bit distracted. Ready to press the ‘reset’ button if you are.”

Sometimes, extending the olive branch of forgiveness can be the best way to reignite a friendship that has momentarily faltered.

  1. “Okay, so it’s been a hot minute. I think it’s time to shake off the dust and start fresh. What do you think?”

Using casual language can diffuse any tension and set a lighthearted tone for reconnecting with a friend.

  1. “Life is too short for grudges. What do you say we bury this awkwardness and move forward with more goofy adventures together?”

Inviting your friend to participate in planning future activities can shift the focus from the ghosting to the potential of your renewed friendship.

Humorous Approach Texts (Using Humor to Break the Ice)

  1. “All right, spill the beans—did you join the Witness Protection Program, or are you just ghosting me, familiar friend?”

A humorous approach can lighten the mood and make it easier for both parties to address the situation.

  1. “People often compare friendship to accidentally wetting your pants: it’s visible to all, yet only you can experience the cozy sensation. At this moment, I find myself yearning for that figurative coziness!

Incorporating a touch of whimsy can help bridge gaps with laughter and fond recollections, softening the impact of feeling ignored or forgotten.

  1. “I’ve been so bored without your random life updates. Is it time to reintroduce chaos into my peaceful existence?”

Using their ‘ghostly’ absence from your life as a point of humor can be disarming and fun, ensuring the tone remains light.

Humorous Approach Texts (Playful Nudges to Reconnect)

  1. “Is this one of those ‘silent treatments’ I’ve read about in some psychology book? Because I don’t think they account for the severe lack of memes in my life.”

This playful text can be a way to rekindle the humorous exchanges that were once characteristic of your friendship and gently encourage a response.

  1. “I’m starting to think you found that ‘off’ button we joked about your personality having. Missing the quirks—can we get them back on?”

Directly addressing the change in communication in a lighthearted way can make it easier for your friend to re-engage.

  1. “Your absence hasn’t made the heart grow fonder—it’s been painfully apparent. Ready to end this unintentional game of hide and seek?”

A little bit of playful teasing can express your longing for their presence in a way that’s not confrontational but rather a fun challenge to reconnect.

Humorous Approach Texts (Light-Hearted Invitations)

  1. “I genuinely think the world could use a little more of our uniquely strange conversations. Fancy a chat to save humanity from total normality?”

Inviting your friend to reconnect in a way that honors the uniqueness of your friendship can be a fun and inviting proposal.

  1. “You know, you’re statistically much safer from real ghosts in my company. Hoping to provide this essential service again soon.”

This text serves as a clever invitation that’s both amusing and subtly forward, indicating that their presence is desired.

  1. “Okay, this friendship GPS is officially on ‘re-route.’ Back to the main friendship road, I say. Next exit: our next get-together!”

Using humor and a metaphor to suggest getting back on track with your friendship can make the reconnecting process feel like an adventure.


Acquainting yourself with the nuances of ghosting and human behavior can be an important exercise when trying to rekindle a friendship. Every situation and individual is unique, so these messages should be seen as a starting point, not a definitive solution. The key takeaway is the importance of open dialogue, empathy, and a shared readiness to listen and communicate. A vibrant friendship is worth the occasional mending, and sometimes a well-crafted text can be the needle that stitches it back together. Above all, remember that patience and respect for personal boundaries are crucial in these situations. Happy texting, and here’s to the reawakening of treasured friendships!

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