7 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Armpit Odor for Good

What is Armpit Odor?

Armpit odor is one of the worst, most embarrassing problem you can experience. Hey, we’ve all been there. Sometimes, it’s just impossible to prevent smelly pits no matter how expensive your deodorant or roll-on is.

Armpit odor usually comes after heavy workouts or when it’s simply too hot outside. Of course, it’s closely linked to personal hygiene, but for some people, it’s a problem that doesn’t go away after a shower or a few.

The odor can’t be “masked” with perfume or a deodorant so don’t bother. You’ll need a shower before applying any scent.

It’s a serious and embarrassing problem. Imagine being at work not being able to lift your arms because of it. Yeah, doesn’t sound nice at all.

Why Does Our Sweat Smell?

Well, it actually doesn’t. The armpit odor you notice is not caused by your sweat. It’s bacteria on your skin that makes it smell so bad.

Medically known as bromhidrosis, armpit odor may be caused by too much bacteria on your skin that get in touch with your sweat. It might also come as a result of a medical condition such as diabetes or thyroid problems. This is why you should visit a doctor if your armpit odor can’t be resolved with anything else.

Struggling with the odor is a major problem for some people. It’s even worse if you can’t pin down the cause and find a solution. If it’s a single, isolated case of armpit odor, it’s probably due to low-quality deodorant or poor personal hygiene. That can be fixed with ease. However, in some cases, you’ll need serious lifestyle and diet changes to deal with the problem once and for all.

Armpit Odor Natural Remedies

Good news – there are many remedies for armpit odor. The home remedies you can see below can all bring the odor down and subdue the unpleasant smell. They work great, have no side-effects at all and will quite possibly resolve your armpit odor for good.

Try them out yourself – after all, what do you have to lose?

Baking Soda

An absolute champion for unpleasant smells, baking soda is used also as fridge and laundry deodorizer. If it can refresh those things, you can use it on armpits too. It is gentle, natural and cheap.

Make a mix from cornstarch and a little baking soda and just use before putting on clothes. It will remove the armpit odor and keep your skin fresh as well.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A powerful natural remedy for many problems, ACV stops bacteria from multiplying and keeps the odor away. Do a DIY spray spritz with splash lemon juice, water, and vinegar in a spray bottle of any kind. Spray on the armpits before getting dressed.

Take this spray with you wherever you go and you’ll never fear armpit odor again.

Tea Tree Oil

Thanks to its antifungal and antibacterial in benefits offering and it has been used this way for centuries back. It is gentle and resolves many skin conditions like odor among many. Mix rosewater and tea tree oil a few drops only and you’ll feel fresher in minutes.


This tropical fruit also removes odor in the house in every way. It is effective mostly because it directly balances the pH of the skin. Take one lemon slice, rub it under the arms for 15 minutes and your armpit odor will soon be gone.

Hydrogen Peroxide

This product is excellent for many things, and odor removal too. Mix it with rose water to use.


Yes, alcohol is also used for this purpose. Spray some a bit only on the armpits and it’ll kill your armpit odor. You can either opt for regular rubbing alcohol or vodka – something that doesn’t have a really strong smell.

Natural Soap

Switch scented store-bought soap for natural soap. Buy it in special stores that offer goat’s milk soap or make one yourself (castile soap).

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