7 Super Refreshing and Healthy Infused Waters for Weight Loss and Cleansing

If you need to stop with the unhealthy juices and sodas, this is a good way. Our examples of infused water are super tasty and healthy, and bring health benefits you cannot imagine!

Some people are limited with the water intake because it does not have a taste and this is ok. If water has no flavor, why not add some to it?

You can be creative with the number of veggies, fruits combinations, or even herbs to it as our recipes below show.

You need either a glass or a container, and that is it for the start!

The recipe for DIY infused water is simple and does not need much from objects in the kitchen

You need a pitcher or a big glass, spoon, and ice as well.

1. Lime and thyme and grapefruit

Take the glass and add 4 ice cubes, fill half the glass with water, add slices of lime, a slice of grapefruit, and thyme as well. Mix well and drink. The benefits here are a lot of vitamin C, manganese, and potassium too. This also removes inflammations and boosts immunity.

2. Apple, basil, and ginger

Add ice to the glass, put 5 slices of apple, shavings of ginger and some basil leaves too. You get vitamin K for the strong bones, wounds will heal better, you get fiber and vitamin C too, and some polyphenols as well. Ginger will remove any inflammation.

3. Blueberry, mint, and strawberry

Do the same steps as the recipes above, a hand full strawberries, and same with blueberries, mint leaves optional amount at the end. Here you get B9 and C vitamins, potassium, and manganese too. You get antioxidant protection!

4. Lemon and lavender

In the pitcher, combine the lemon slices and ice and add water and lavender leaflets. This reduces stress, relaxes you before sleep, and also gives you vitamin C for better health.

5. Lemon, mint, and cucumber

Cut the cucumber and add to the glass, and add half a lemon too. Add the water and ice, mix in some mint, and enjoy. You get vitamin K and better digestion from this!

6. Honey, lemon, mint, and green tea

This is a recipe for ice tea green tea with a twist. It is refreshing and better in the summertime of course. Add lemon chunks, mint leaves, green tea, honey, and water with ice. Green tea removes toxins and reduces cell damage and inflammations. After some use, the metabolism will get better over time and you will have less risk of cancer too. Add honey last to get better taste and not a bad sugar!

7. Grapefruit, lemon, and orange + rosemary

This makes the immune system strong! Mix in a cut orange, some grapefruit, lemon too, all in slices or chunks. Add ice and water, of all things add a few slices too, and lastly decorate with fresh leaves of rosemary. This gives you vitamin C, calcium for the bones, your skin will be more elastic and make collagen more and all wounds would start to heal and fade.

Water is a must, and you must do all in your power to make it healthy and tasty, because yes, this is both at the same time possible!

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