Remove Tartar and Plaque From Teeth at Home Safely and Effectively with These Tips

Hard deposits that you have on your teeth are called tartar. Having tartar deposits on your teeth is not good because it damages them over time. Hard deposits make your teeth look ugly and also are the reason for serious problems. Visiting a dentist two times a year can prevent tartar deposits to remain glued to your teeth causing bigger problems. That is why you should clean your teeth regularly.

For self-care, consider the following recipe:

You will need walnut shells (30 grams) and some water for this recipe. Cook the shells in a pan with water for 15 minutes. When the liquid is ready, put it on a toothbrush and brush your teeth three times per day for five minutes.

The ingredients you need are 4 teaspoons of linden flowers, 4 teaspoons of sunflower seeds, and water (1 liter). On low heat, cook all of the ingredients for about 30 minutes. After every meal, brush your teeth with the liquid.

Before brushing your teeth, fill your mouth with apple cider vinegar. After brushing spit and then rinse with water. You can do this once a week.

Rub your teeth with baking soda. You can add a little bit of salt to the toothbrush too. This will not only help to remove the tartar from your teeth, but it will also make them whiter.

How to prevent tartar plaque?

If you brush your teeth regularly and visit your dentist twice a year then you will control tartar formation. It will still form, but very slowly.

What causes tartar occurrence and how to recognize it?

You can recognize tartar if there are yellowish and stiff hard stains on your teeth. If there is a big amount of tartar on your tongue, when you touch it you will feel roughness. Having tartar is not congenital. Some people have it while others don’t due to the way they take care of their teeth. If you brush your teeth accurately and regularly you will most probably don’t have tartar stains. Oral hygiene is very important. Also, you need to consume more healthy food and let your dentist check your teeth on time. Human saliva can affect tartar formation too. If it contains high amounts of phosphorus and calcium, tartar will form faster.

What do dentists say about treating tartar at home?

Dentists say that tartar is a hard structure, therefore it cannot be eliminated with any liquid. So, if you want to remove it by yourself, don’t use sharp objects as you can damage your gums and teeth. Dentists recommend tartar to be cleaned at the dentist with the use of special ultrasound devices that are specially designed for that.

If your teeth are not affected by big amounts of tartar, then try to remove it with these natural ways. However, if you see much of it, then you should ask for help from your dentist.

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