Your House Doesn’t Have To Be Perfectly Clean To Invite Guests

What is the most important thing that you expect when you are a guest? Most people simply want warm, delicious food and having some fun with good company. A perfectly clean house is not what people crave, since their focus is on relationships. Everyone can forgive a little mess, so if you are the host of some party, don’t worry too much.

We often see houses with shiny floors and super clean toilets on TV shows, even those in cheap neighborhoods. But keep in mind that in reality, your house cannot be perfectly clean all the time. Therefore, don’t allow these images to give you a negative perspective on your mess at home.

Messiness can be a sign of depression

Sometimes, a messy home is a sign of depression. Those who feel hopeless and always tired, usually don’t mind living in a mess. It is not that they don’t want to live in a clean space, they just don’t have enough energy to organize themselves and get things done. When they have especially bad days, they barely can get up from their bed.

Depressed people feel deep hopeless, so they ask themselves the question of what’s the point of doing something? They think that there is no point in doing anything, including cleaning the house. Depression can also make them forget to clean up. The therapist Kimberly

Hershenson says that people who have depression feel like they don’t have time to clean and that they even don’t deserve to live in a clean house. According to her, people who are overwhelmed with life can be so preoccupied that they don’t even notice how messy their house has become.

Messiness is also a sign of creativity

Regardless of how neat you are, there are exceptions in life when you allow yourself to not tidy up. Sometimes it can be during exam week, and sometimes due to working late. A little mess is not something you should stress over.

Weena Cullins, a marriage and family therapist says that some people prioritize other things over cleaning. They don’t put much value on cleanliness.

Kathleen Vohs, a psychological scientist, from the University of Minnesota revealed that creative people are more prone to have unclean rooms and messy desks. Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, and Mark Twain are among these creative geniuses.

A perfect home doesn’t exist. Some people can’t handle the laundry, while others are embarrassed by their incompatible furniture, or feel ashamed of their old kitchen. These unnecessary feelings prevent people from inviting guests to their homes. They think that once they get the right furniture then they can invite someone over. If you are one of these people, remember that guests only want good company, not clean houses. So, let your focus stay there.

Scraggy hospitality

Having dishes in the sink doesn’t mean you can’t invite guests into your home. It doesn’t matter if your table is scratched-up, your food simple, and the bookshelves dusty. What truly matters is you being a warm-welcoming host. Your guests didn’t come to see the house, but to see you.

According to Rev, Jack King, hospitality is friendship, not a house inspection. Scruffy hospitality means that you are hungry for good friends with whom you can have a nice conversation. It means that you care more about relationships than the impression your home gives. Therefore, if you only invite people when your home is excellent, then you are not truly sharing life.

Your guests’ needs don’t include a perfectly neat house

When you invite people over, your focus should be to meet their needs and they do not include shiny floors and a perfect kitchen, but a comfortable place, some refreshment, warm food, and a bed if they stay the night. If you succeed to provide these things, be happy, it is enough. Don’t put too much stress and burden on you.

Accept that you are not perfect, so your house can’t be perfect too. So, stop comparing your house with those in the magazines. Your guests only want to have a happy time together. Don’t wait, invite them now!

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