Young Influencers on TickTock in a Rush for a Beautiful Smile are Filling Down Their Teeth

Do you want to have bright teeth? We all do. Having a perfect smile is a desire that is becoming more and more popular on social networks, especially on TickTock. Young influencers put veneers on their teeth. These young people warn others that these procedures are dangerous because people who do this may need to put dentures in their 40.

Unfortunately, some dentists are not so diligent. Some of them only care about money and status, so they use this opportunity to promote themselves on social media. That is why they do this even for free. Young people shave their teeth down to stubs and put crowns on instead of veneers.


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The difference between veneers and crowns

Today there is a solution to almost every aesthetic health problem. Medicine and technology are so advanced that they offer the possibility of implanting bridges and crowns made from excellent materials, painlessly and fast.

The crown is implanted on teeth or dental implants. It is a fixed prosthetic replacement. The crown of the teeth is covered by the implant that gives the teeth a natural look according to the aesthetic criteria.

The dentist is the one that needs to decide whether the tooth needs this intervention or it can be repaired only with a filling. If the tooth is very damaged, then this operation is recommended.

The crown’s purpose is the replacement of the dental crown that is too damaged by caries or other harmful treatments.

What are veneers?

Veneers are aesthetic accessories that are made of ceramic thin layer fasten to the front surface of the teeth that make the smile more beautiful.

Ceramic veneers give the teeth a natural look by absorbing, reflecting, and conducting light just like the natural tooth structure. Ceramic veneers don’t change their color over time. If they are made of composite material they will absorb food pigments and become less and less aesthetically acceptable with time.

What are veneers used for?

Veneers are made very precisely, so they don’t cause inflammation, irritation, or recession. They can help in the removal of defects in the shape of the teeth, such as fractures, space between them, wrong position, incorrect shape, rotations, bad color, or inadequate size of the teeth.

What do dentists say?

Dentists recommend taking good care of your veneers. If they are on your front teeth, then it is recommended to avoid chewing hard foods. With time, veneers can change their color because porcelain is a material that collects stains from pigmented types of food and beverages like nicotine, wine, coffee, tea, etc.

Although some young influencers think putting crowns is something cool and modern, think twice before you choose to do it yourself. It is not a simple and healthy procedure. They will damage your teeth and you won’t be able to use them after the age of 40. Dentists don’t recommend this procedure as there is nothing better than having your own teeth. According to them, only those who have serious health or aesthetic problem can take this treatment.

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