What Do Back Dimples Mean?

Some people have dimples of Venus on their lower back. These dimples are tiny indentations on the lower back and are more common in women than in men. Back dimples are attractive indentations on the lower back, above the butt. They do not have adverse effects and are a sign of beauty for women. 

Lateral lumbar indentations 

The back dimples appear when we extend the ligament between the spine and the skin. It is considered that women, who have back dimples, can easily achieve orgasm in intercourse because they are a sign of promoted circulation in the pelvic area.  

Apollo and Venus back dimples 

Back dimples in women are known as Venus dimples, after Venus, the Roman goddess of beauty, whereas back dimples in men are known as Apollo dimples after Apollo, the Roman God.  

In general, back dimples are considered to be genetic, but there is still no evidence for it.  

What if you do not have back dimples? 

If you do not have back dimples but you want to have them on your lower back, there is popular method, known as back piercing. With this method, you can create artificial back dimples by placing jewelry in the back. A scalpel or needle is inserted in the middle layer of the skin (dermis) to make a hole. 

Dieting and back dimples workout 

1. Lose weight 

One way to achieve back dimples is fat loss and diet. If a layer of fat is covering the back, the dimples will not appear. A safe rate of fat to lose is 1 – 2 pounds per week. It can be achieved by reducing the daily intake of calories. It is important to cut calories gradually because if you do a drastic cut, you may also lose muscle fat.  

Following new habits, such as consuming water instead of soda and alcohol is an easy way to cut body fat and reduce the intake of calories.  

2. Exercise  

Regular exercise can also help you cut body fat and burn calories. Even though the loss of fat is the most effective way to get back dimples, you can also achieve them with certain exercises. Here are three exercises that target the muscles around the lower back:  

  1. Back extensions 

They target the spinal erectors and the muscles around the lower back. All you need to do is to sit on the machine and place the rollers on your shoulders. With the lower back muscles push the rollers while you are still in a horizontal position.  

      2. Rowing machine 

It is a great way to enhance lower back muscles and burn calories. It is a great aerobic exercise that targets the glutes and the erector spinae, supporting the curves on the backside.  

     3. The Roman chair 

The Roman chair targets the muscles in the lower back and provides back extension.  

Sit on the machine and place your feet and thighs under the bars. With the core muscles and the lower back lift the torso. Keep the hands behind your head.  

One back dimple or two back dimples 

Some people have only one back dimple on their back. These dimples are known as sacral dimples. Both dimples are harmless and do not damage the tissues. Sometimes, sacral dimple can occur as a result of many medical conditions, such as: 

  • Tethered cord occulta, which occurs when the tissues join the spinal line of the spinal canal. It keeps the spinal line from hanging openly and reduces the movements of the cord. It can lead to bowel or bladder incontinence and leg shortcoming.  
  • Spina bifida occulta, a serious form of spina bifida. If you suffer from spina bifida, your spine will not close completely. However, the spinal cord stays within the spinal canal. 

The risk of these spinal issues is increased when they are near a sacral dimple at birth.

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