What Blood Pressure Is a Normal One for Your Age?

Hypertension as doctors call it, or high blood pressure is the most dangerously common health issue in the world for almost all people of a certain age after the teenage years. Most people that have high blood pressure do not manifest any symptoms, but surprisingly, their measuring and readings are very high.

When such high levels occur, the signs are dizziness, nausea, short breaths, blurry vision, nosebleed, vomiting, and unpleasantness. The blood pressure that is not controlled can make a lot of problems like danger for your life and also the known illnesses like kidney damage, memory loss, vision loss, atherosclerosis, heart attack, heart diseases and even strokes!

During one day, the pressure changes a lot, so it can be different for all people, still, some factors play a role; age, genes, gender. Even doctors weighed in on this and said the following for the values and normal pressure:


Blood pressure values for women according to age:

Blood pressure values for men according to age:

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