Three Maps that Prove Daylight Saving Time Destroys Our Lives

While we all love wintery days when it snows, especially around Christmas, we have to admit that no one likes cold and dark winter afternoons. Unfortunately, that’s a reality people from the Western hemisphere face every year during late fall and winter. It’s all thanks to Daylight Saving time, a concept that was introduced originally to reduce electric demand. However, it’s as far as possible from it, meaning that it’s a lie.

According to experts and new studies, Daylight Saving time wreaks havoc in our lives. It harms our delicate sleep schedules and causes economic losses that can rise up to $400 million annually. It has been associated with traffic accidents, commuting problems, heart attacks, and a whole lot of health problems.

Maps Show How It Destroys Our Lives

Cartographer Andy Woodruff has recently created 3 maps that show the effects of Daylight Saving time. They also show that the effects are not consistent across the USA. It has terrifying effect on people who wake up at 7 AM. According to the map, those on the Eastern part of the USA have serious problems waking up, since the number of days of sunrise in those areas is pretty low. It means that millions of people wake up for work when it’s still pitch black outside.

Combine this will insomnia which many people suffer from, and you have a recipe for disaster. And the solution is pretty simple – just abolish Daylight Saving time. The maps below show how the USA would look if Daylight Saving time was always in effect. As you can see compared to the previous set of maps, the whole country would be much brighter. The maps show that lack of Daylight Saving time will considerably improve the number of days with sunrises for people from the whole country without affecting sunrise dramatically.

For more information, you can check Woodruff’s interactive blog and see how the concept needs to change.

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