This Simple Feng Shui Trick Will Help You Attract More Money To Your Home

Feng Shui represents a part of Chinese Metaphysics, which considers that the organization of the home interior can provide a positive and balanced atmosphere in your house and attract more money.  

Also, Feng Shui believes that the organization of your home can make you feel energetic and positive. All you need to do is to free your home of cuttler and add more symbols of plants and water, essential oils, and crystals.  

When it comes to wealth, wood is closely related to it. One way to add more wood to your home is by growing plants. Crassula Ovata is a tree plant that can achieve this effect. Its leaves look like paper money or coins. It is quite easy to take care of this tree plant. It requires a lot of sunlight and rare watering.  

You should put the plant in a special place in your house to stimulate wealth and a positive atmosphere. In other words, it is best to place the plant on the right side of your house’s entrance or in the north part of your home.  

Moreover, this tree plant contains potent ethereal oils, which promote energy, and physical and mental positivity in people.

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