These Warning Signs Show That You Are Dealing With An Evil Person

All humans make mistakes, but they are generally good. Nevertheless, there are some people, who hate everybody and enjoy doing evil things.  

Here are some warning signs which will help you notice evil people and keep you away from their negativity.  

12 warning signs that you are dealing with an evil person 

  1. Deny reality 

Evil people have twisted interpretations and images of reality. They always see things that are not real.  

      2. Twist facts 

Evil people are manipulative and they often twist facts in their favor.  

     3. Withhold information 

Evil people lie and do not tell the truth. They twist real facts and want other people to feel guilty.  

     4. Mislead people 

They often twist the facts and want people to feel hated, afraid, incompetent, and weak. They mislead and twist the trust to show themselves as victims.  

    5. Do not tell the truth 

Evil people never tell the truth. No one should believe them.  

    6. Destroy other people 

Evil people are remorseless. They want to destroy other people. They never feel guilty or express empathy for other people’s sadness.  

     7. Avoid responsibility 

Evil people will never take responsibility for their own actions. They never feel guilty and never apologize for the mistakes they make.  

      8. Manipulate 

Evil people are very good at manipulating. They will do everything so that other people believe them.  

     9. Steal other people’s life 

Evil people want to be like you. When you have something important to do, they will do everything to mess with your plans.  

    10. Fair-weather friends 

Even though they appear friendly, evil people will never be a real support to you.  

      11. Lead double lives 

Evil people have many faces. They can show you one face to you, and another face to other people. People can never know their true personality.  

     12. Control freaks 

Evil people want to have control of everything and everybody.  


Even though many people can possess some of these personal characteristics, it is of utter importance to be able to recognize bad intentions and qualities in someone. If someone possesses all of these characteristics, you should keep away from them.  


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