The Unexpected Bond: How Swearing Makes Better Friends, According to Science

It’s time to rethink the societal stigma around profanity. Contrary to popular belief, people who swear a lot might just make the best friends you’ll ever have. This surprising revelation comes from various studies that delve into the correlation between the use of colorful language and personal traits like honesty, emotional expressiveness, and authenticity.

The Science Behind the Swearing

Research has consistently suggested that people who frequently use profanity are often seen as more genuine and trustworthy. They tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves and express their feelings without any filters. This transparency can foster stronger bonds in friendships, as it paves the way for clear communication and mutual understanding.

People who swear are usually unfiltered and raw, which means what you see is what you get. This can be a refreshing change in a world where many individuals hide behind facades. Their straightforwardness can lead to deeper and more meaningful relationships.

The link between swearing and honesty is also worth noting. A study published in Social Psychological and Personality Science found that profanity can be positively associated with honesty. People who curse are less likely to sugarcoat the truth, making their interactions more authentic.

Here Are 6 Reasons Why Swearers Make Better Friends


People who frequently use profanity are often perceived as more genuine and authentic because they communicate without self-censorship, giving a raw and unfiltered view of their thoughts and feelings. This openness can be refreshing in a world where many people hide behind facades. Their candidness allows them to express their emotions fully, whether they’re feeling happy, upset, excited, or frustrated.

This forthright communication style can foster more honest and open relationships, as it encourages both parties to speak their minds freely without fear of judgment. When people feel they can be their true selves, it builds trust and understanding, which are the cornerstones of strong, enduring relationships. In this way, swearing can serve as a tool for authenticity and connection.


Research suggests that there is a positive correlation between the use of profanity and honesty. Individuals who frequently use swear words are often more straightforward, expressing their thoughts and feelings without any filters. This unfiltered honesty can create an environment of trust in friendships, as friends are assured that they are getting the raw, unvarnished truth, no matter how uncomfortable or blunt it may be.

This promotes open communication and understanding, fostering stronger bonds in relationships. The study “Frankly, we do give a damn: The relationship between profanity and honesty” provides detailed insights into this correlation.

Emotional Expressiveness

People who use profanity are often unafraid to express their emotions in a candid and straightforward manner. They openly vent their feelings, whether it’s joy, frustration, surprise, or anger, using strong language as an outlet for their emotional state. This openness can be beneficial in relationships, as it helps prevent misunderstandings and miscommunications that can arise from suppressed emotions or unclear expressions.

When individuals are forthright about their feelings, it creates a transparent environment where issues can be addressed directly and promptly, rather than being swept under the rug. This directness contributes to healthier relationships, as it fosters clear communication, mutual understanding, and emotional honesty, strengthening the bond between friends.

Stronger Bonds

Swearers, with their authenticity, honesty, and openness, often foster stronger bonds in relationships. They communicate without pretense, offering a raw and truthful representation of their thoughts and feelings. This straightforwardness is often valued in friendships, as it removes the guesswork and ambiguity that can sometimes cloud communication.

Friends appreciate this direct approach because it allows them to understand each other better and to address any issues openly and honestly. The lack of pretense creates an environment of trust, where friends feel comfortable expressing themselves without fear of judgment. In this way, the use of profanity, often seen as a sign of authenticity and honesty, can contribute significantly to the strength and depth of friendships.


Individuals who aren’t hesitant to use strong language often display qualities of resilience and strength. These characteristics are not only reflective of their bold communication style but also their ability to face challenges head-on. Such individuals usually have a high level of emotional expressiveness and are not afraid to confront difficult situations, which is a demonstration of their resilience.

Strength is also shown in their capacity to speak their mind without fear of judgement or backlash. These qualities can be extremely beneficial in a friend, particularly during trying times. Friends with such traits can provide steadfast support, unfiltered advice, and the courage to face hardships together, thus making them valuable companions in life’s ups and downs.

Inspiring Individuality

Swearers often exhibit an unapologetic authenticity that can be quite inspiring. Their unrestrained expression and bold communication style reflect a strong sense of self-identity and individuality. This straightforwardness, coupled with their refusal to conform to societal norms of speech, is a manifestation of their true selves. Being around such individuals can be liberating and empowering for others.

It encourages them to embrace their own individuality, to express themselves without fear of judgment, and to be comfortable in their own skin. The swearer’s authenticity serves as a reminder that it’s okay to be different and that one’s uniqueness should be celebrated rather than suppressed. Hence, the fearless expression of swearers can inspire others to shed pretenses and be their authentic selves.

Final Thoughts

While excessive swearing may still be considered impolite in certain contexts, it’s high time we look beyond the surface and understand the benefits it can bring in terms of authenticity, honesty, and emotional expressiveness. After all, friendships aren’t built on pleasantries and small talk, but on genuine connections and unfiltered conversations.

So, the next time your friend drops an F-bomb, don’t wince. Instead, appreciate the honesty and authenticity behind it. You might just have found yourself a truly genuine friend.

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