The Month You Were Born In Can Reveal Your Personality

The month you were born in can tell a lot about your character and personality. Your temperament, attitude, and mood depend on the month you were born in.  

Read the descriptions below and find out what kind of woman you are.  

1. January 

If you were born in January, it means that you are ambitious, independent, but also serious and shy. When it comes to expressing opinions, you are very reserved.  

Women born in January are great leaders, and they want to spend time with people, who are at the same intellectual level as them.  

2. February 

If you were born in February, you are romantic and loving. You are a loyal and honest friend, but you never forgive a betrayal.  

3. March 

Women born in March are attractive, charismatic, and charming. Moreover, they are helpful, honest, and loyal.  

4. April 

If you were born in April, it means that you are diplomatic. You can easily interact with different types of people. However, most of the women born in April are aggressive and jealous.  

5. May 

Women born in May are loyal and persistent to their own principles. They are also charming and attractive but they have a stubborn personality.  

6. June

If you were born in June, it means that you are very curious and creative. You also possess amazing debating and communicative skills.  

7. July 

Women born in July are intelligent and honest. They are temperamental and sensitive. They also are polite and avoid confrontations with other people.  

8. August 

If you were born in August, it means that you are brave, friendly, and fearless. You also have a great sense of humor and excellent leadership skills. You want to be the center of attention, too.

9. September 

Attractiveness, kindness, and disciple are personality characteristics of women born in September. They are loyal, but revengeful. They will never forgive a betrayal.  

10. October 

Women born in October are intelligent and emotional. They think that people will hurt them if they open their souls to them.  

11. November 

If you were born in November, it means that you can easily recognize when people are lying. You are generous, helpful, honest, and patient.  

12. December 

Women, who are born in December, are hasty, impatient, and bad-tempered. However, they can easily find a solution to every problem.  

They are honest and sociable. They want to spend time with other people.  

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