The Date Of Your Birth Determines Your Personality

  • 1st – 9th January – a dog
  • 10th – 24th January – a mouse
  • 25th – 31st January – a lion


  • 1st – 5th February – a cat
  • 6th – 14th February – a dove
  • 15th – 21st February – a turtle
  • 22nd – 28th February – a panther


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Health and Wellness
  • 1st – 12th March – a monkey
  • 13th – 15th March – a lion
  • 16th – 23th March – a mouse
  • 24th – 31st March – a cat


  • 1st – 3rd April – a dog
  • 4th – 14th April – a panther
  • 15th – 26th April – a mouse
  • 27th – 30th April – a turtle


  • 1st – 13th May – a monkey
  • 14th – 21st May – a dove
  • 22nd – 31st May – a lion


  • 1st – 3rd June – a mouse
  • 4th – 14th June – a turtle
  • 15th – 20th June – a dog
  • 21st – 24th June – a money
  • 25th – 30th June – a cat


  • 1st – 9th July – a mouse
  • 10th – 15th July – a dog
  • 16th – 26th July – a dove
  • 27th – 31st July – a cat


  • 1st – 15th August – a monkey
  • 15th – 25th August – a mouse
  • 26th – 31st August – a turtle


  • 1st – 14th September – a dove
  • 15th – 27th September – a cat
  • 28th – 30th September – a dog


  • 1st – 15th October – a monkey
  • 16th – 27th October – a turtle
  • 28th – 31st October – a panther


  • 1st – 16th November – a lion
  • 17th – 30th November – a cat


  • 1st – 16th December – a dog
  • 17th – 26th December – a monkey
  • 27th – 31st December – a dove


Here is what the date of your birth means:

1. A dog

If you are a dog, it means that you are loyal and honest. Your family and friends respect your locality and honesty and enjoy spending time with you. You love fashion and you are always in.

2. A mouse

If you are a mouse, it indicates that you are mischievous and rebellious. However, everyone wants to spend time with you.

Sometimes, you can be sensitive, especially when somebody talks bad about you.

3. A lion

Being a lion, means that you are relaxed and peaceful. You do not want to get into trouble. Also, you love spending time in the countryside.

You are a good leader. People always ask for your guidance.

4. A cat

Being a cat means that you are adorable and lovely. You are calm and shy and want to spend time on your own. If somebody provokes you, you can be explosive, too.

You are adventurous and love spending time in nature.

5. A turtle

If you are a turtle, it means that you are kind and gentle. You want to help people in need. Also, you are peaceful and do not like to talk about other people’s backs. You treat all people with respect and love.

6. A dove

Being a dove means that you are positive and cheerful. You are always positive, and people want to spend time with you. You are a good leader and people always ask for your advice.

7. A panther

Panthers are mean and mysterious. They want to gossip about other people. However, their friends can always rely on them for everything they need.

8. A monkey

Monkeys are impatient and hyper. They want to be in the center of attention. When they think that people talk bad about them, they feel panicked. They do everything to prevent it on time.