10 Natural Home Remedies to Treat Tonsillitis and Ease Throat Pain

Tonsillitis is inflammation of the tonsils – lymph nodes on both sides of the throat. Children have tonsillitis very often, but sometimes adults can get it too.

It occurs due to a viral infection, or sometimes as a result of a bacterial infection. The infection makes the tonsils bigger and the condition can be of different degrees – mild, moderate, or severe.

The symptoms include fever, sore throat, runny nose, swollen tonsils glands, headache, difficulty swallowing, bad breath, sneezing, and coughing.

Tonsillitis is a very contagious disease that passes from one person to another very fast. The virus or bacteria is transmitted through droplets that exist in the air due to sneezing or coughing. Social contact is another way to transmit these contagious droplets. That is why this disease has to be treated immediately.

You can use some medicine as treatment, but don’t forget that home remedies are natural and can be more effective.

Here is a list of the top 10 natural home remedies for treating tonsillitis:

1. Salt Water

Washing one’s mouth and throat with warm salt water is the most efficient and the most common home remedy for tonsillitis. While the water has a soothing effect on the throat, the salt kills the bacteria or virus. Also, it reduces inflammation and you will feel better immediately.

How to make this gargle?

  1. Take one teaspoon of salt and put it in a cup of warm water, mixing them together.
  2. Use this liquor to gargle your mouth and throat. But don’t swallow it, just spit it out after a couple of minutes of gargling.
  3. Repeat the process as often as needed.

2. Lemon

Lemon has strong antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties. So, it is highly recommendable to be used as an infection and inflammation treatment. Being abundant in vitamin C, it improves the immune system, defending it from infections.

  • Boil some water and let it cool down a little. Add lemon juice, a little bit of salt, and one teaspoon of honey. Drink twice a day.
  • You can also cut a slice of lemon, put a little salt and pepper on it, and suck the slice. This will help you get the phlegm out of your throat. Repeat this three times a day until you feel better.

3. Basil

This herb is another home remedy for tonsillitis with anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Together with its soothing effect, it reduces the swelling and pain very quickly.

Here is how to prepare a home remedy with basil:

  1. Boil one and a half cups of water with around 10 basil leaves.
  2. Boil for 10 minutes and then strain it aside.
  3. Add lemon juice and honey if you want to sweeten the drink.
  4. Drink it three times per day for 2-3 days.

4. Turmeric

Turmeric is proved to be a very potent remedy for any kind of infection or inflammation. Due to its antiseptic properties, it relieves the irritating symptoms of tonsillitis totally.

How to prepare a gargle with turmeric?

Put one teaspoon of turmeric powder into a glass of hot water. You can also add some salt. Gargle your mouth and throat a couple of times a day, especially at night before bed. Your inflammation will soon be over and you will be healed completely.

Instead of water, you can use a glass of warm milk. Add one teaspoon of turmeric powder and a pinch of black pepper. Drink this remedy at night for up to three days.

5. Cinnamon

Cinnamon contains high amounts of antimicrobial qualities, therefore it prevents bacteria growth and other micro-organisms in the tonsils. It also reduces swelling, inflammation, and pain.

Mix one teaspoon of cinnamon powder with a glass of hot water. Add two teaspoons of honey. Drink it slowly while it is warm. Do this three times a day for a week.

6. Slippery Elm

Slippery Elm is rich in mucilage which is a substance that looks like a gel and eases inflammation, soreness, and pain. Slippery elm is very effective in healing inflamed tissues, as well as the mucus membranes of the throat.


Boil two cups of water. Add one teaspoon of slippery elm (its inner bark). Let it soak for five minutes and then drink it slowly twice a day for a couple of days.

You can also prepare a mixture of four teaspoons of warm water, three teaspoons of slippery elm (its powdered bark), one teaspoon of pepper powder (cayenne pepper), and two teaspoons of honey. Take one teaspoon of the mixture regularly for three days.

7. Mint

Mint kills viruses and bacteria effectively due to its antimicrobial properties. The menthol that it contains has a soothing effect on the irritated mucus membranes, giving you relief from many symptoms.


Boil a glass of water together with a couple of mint leaves. Boil until the water reduces to a half cup. Add one teaspoon of honey and drink it warm. Do this three times daily until your condition improves.

8. Fenugreek

Known as methi, fenugreek is a great cure for tonsillitis because it kills the bacteria that cause tonsillitis. It also helps you fight against inflammation, giving you instant relief.

  1. Boil three cups of water with two tablespoons of fenugreek seeds.
  2. Let it simmer for half an hour.
  3. Let it cool down and gargle at least half a minute.
  4. Repeat this twice a day until the tonsillitis is completely gone.

9. Carom Seeds

Carom seeds (ajwain) are full of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that boost the immune system, allowing it to fight against infections effectively.

How to prepare a drink with carom seeds?

  1. Heat ¼ teaspoon of carom seeds in a pan, until they become brown.
  2. Add a little bit of turmeric powder. Stir for a few seconds and then add one cup of warm milk.
  3. Mix well and remove from heat.
  4. Drink warm two times daily for two to three days.

10. Figs

Figs are a very effective fruit for treating tonsillitis. They reduce soreness and pain due to the high amount of mucilage that they contain.

How to prepare the remedy?

Boil three dried figs. After that mash them and eat them with a tablespoon of honey up to three times per day.

You can also prepare a remedy with fresh figs. Mash them in the water where you have boiled them. Use this paste to apply it to the outer part of the throat. Let it dry and then rinse it off with warm water. Repeat this process once a day to lessen the pain caused by tonsillitis.

Because tonsillitis is very contagious, it is very important to take good care and maintain your hygiene properly to avoid being infected with it.

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