Only 2% Of People Can Find A Solution To This Einstein Riddle. Are You Among Them?

When he was young, Albert Einstein created a logic puzzle for which he believed only 2% of people on Earth can solve. Can you find the solution to this puzzle? 

Logic riddles and puzzles can maintain the function of your brain as you age. Here is a riddle that can help you develop your problem-solving skills. The riddle was invented by Albert Einstein, who considered that only 2% of people can solve it successfully.  

Here is the setup: 

There are five different houses painted in five different colors. A man of different nationality lives in each house. They smoke a different type of cigarette, consume a different type of drink, and own a different pet. The owners do not own the same pet, do not smoke the same cigarette, and do not consume the same drink.  

The question is: Who owns the fish? 

Here are some clues: 

  • In the red house lives the Brit 
  • The Swede owns a dog pet 
  • The Dane consumes tea 
  • The green house is on the left of the white house 
  • The owner of the green house consumes coffee 
  • The man, who has bird pets, smokes Pall Mall 
  • The yellow house’s owner smokes Dunhill 
  • The person living in the center house consumes milk 
  • In the first house lives the Norwegian 
  • Next to the owner who keeps cats lives the person, who smokes blend 
  • Next to the man who smokes Dunhill lives the person who has horses 
  • The person, who consumes beer, smokes BlueMaster 
  • The German smoke Prince 
  • The person, who lives next to the man who drinks water, smokes blend 

Draw the houses and make a chart. Take some time and think carefully.  

Do you know who has the fish? Take a look at the video below and check your guess.



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