One Week Sugar-Free Challenge that Will Shed Your Weight Like Nothing Else

Losing weight may sound simple on paper, but it’s a really challenging task. It’s getting harder and harder to stay slim. Sugar is in everything we eat, and our diet is not getting any healthier. Sugar addiction is real and as tough to get rid of as drugs. Many people are not even aware that their weight gain is related to sugar, and that’s why it’s essential to get rid of it in your diet.

But, how can we recognize sugar addiction? The fact is that there are many early symptoms that show it. Pay attention to the ones below to learn it’s time to ditch sugar.

Sugar Addiction Symptoms

Surprising Weight Gain

Have you recently gained weight while paying attention to what you eat and being active? In that case, you may have sugar to blame. The sweet stuff has been related to massive weight gain in many studies. Even worse, the weight gain caused by sugar is the absolutely worst, linked to heavy fat deposits around vital organs.

If you’ve been gaining weight without identifying the culprit, you may need to cut back on sugar.

Constant Food & Sugar Cravings

Constant cravings and sugar cravings are the two biggest symptoms of sugar addiction. Do you feel hungry all the time? Are chocolates and sweet stuff everything you can think of all day long? If this has been going on for a while, you definitely have sugar to blame.

According to studies, diets rich in high-fructose foods reduce the production of leptin AKA the hormone that tells our brain when we’re done eating. This leads to constant food and sweet cravings which, of course, lead to weight gain. It’s a hellish cycle that you must break in order to lose weight and live a healthier life.

Low Energy

Sugar can also be the culprit for low energy levels. Of course, eating it causes a temporary sugar high, but that doesn’t last for very long. As soon as the high wears off, you’re left sleepy and weak. If this happens all the time even without eating sugar, you’re probably suffering from sugar addiction.

Mood Swings

Are you wondering where all those recent mood swings have been hitting from? They may be caused by high sugar consumption. Studies have found a link between the two. When you eat sugar, the body produces a kick of dopamine and a flood of feel-good hormones. They wear off fast, though, resulting in a mildly depressive state.

When you eat too much sugar, this happens all too quickly and regularly, resulting in constant mood swings.

Skin Breakouts

A surprising symptom of sugar addiction, skin breakouts are a sign that you need to cut back on sugar in your diet. Sugar promotes breakouts by causing inflammation in the skin which leads to acne, blackheads, whiteheads, and red painful lumps.

If you need more reasons why you need to ditch sugar, here are a few:

Stronger Immune System

By ditching sugar, your immune system will work at an optimal rate. Sugar can disrupt normal immune response in our bodies, and when you cut back on it, those will continue occurring like they should.

Better Mood

No sugar means no mood swings. Ditch the sweet stuff and you will feel much better on a mental level, and those horrible mood swings will be gone.

Cleaner Skin

Is there anyone who likes having a face full of lumps? Ditch the sugar and you can look forward to a clean and radiant skin.

Eat Whatever You Want

Once sugar is gone from your life, you will no longer be its slave. Eat what you want and when you want it – you’re finally in full control.

Sugar Detox Tips

  • Drink water to stay hydrated;
  • Avoid fast food, foods with added sugar, fizzy drinks, and alcohol;
  • No soda at all!;
  • Make sure your meals are 50% plant-based;
  • Eat more whole foods.

Try this challenge for at least a week to start the sugar detox. Trust us – once it’s gone from your life, you’ll be a completely different person.

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