Use Castor Oil for Lush and Hydrated Hair

A lot of us neglect the benefits of this oil for both the hair and skin. We think this oil is too sticky and thick. But, it is natural and cheap and a cure for issues with the hair and skin. Never underestimate castor oil benefits.

Why Castor Oil?

This oil is amazing for thin hair and also reduces scar visibility. Also makes the lips smooth and soft. In fact, castor oil may be among the best natural remedies for your hair.

Cure for Brows and Hair

Purchase cold organic pressed castor oil. It has to be hexane free. Apply it to the eyebrows after you clean the face before bed.

Do this for 3 whole months and the brows will become darker and thicker in hairs. Opt for night use.

How Does the Oil Work Exactly?

Apply it on the head, eyebrows and lashes too. It has concentrated ricinoleic acid. That acid is effective as anti-fungal one and also antibacterial. It promotes hair growth and reduces bacteria and fungi.

The castor oil also works since it is thick and covers the hair nicely so that prevents fall off. It is full of omega 9 fat acids – they nourish hairs and follicles and the skin under the hairs. The oil seeps in the pores to give proper food to the hair. Under the follicles is where hair is produced.

Since this oil is glossy, it provides luxurious shiny hair. Start using it now!

Aids the Regrowth of Hair

Put 2 drops of the oil in the palms. Rub them and go through the hair ends but be careful not to put too much since it is greasy. It should give just a bit of shine. Put it lightly and see if it suits your hair type. Also you can use it for regrowth of hair on the head, just try spreading it with apricot kernel oil or coconut oil, they are light ones.

The pure form of castor oil is good for thinned hairline edges. Put this oil on the eyelashes too, lightly, to make them stronger and thick and to stop falling off.

Castor Oil for Less Scar Tissue and Soft, Smooth Lips

This oil is great for some keloid scars or other hardened skin scars. It is good since it penetrates deeply under a few skin layers. It also aids in softening skin areas where skin has to be broken down in the scars. Basically, the oil smoothens them.

This oil also helps white blood cells to be stimulated. It lessens inflammations in tissues. It speeds up healing of wounds and there is less scarring afterwards.

The other benefit of this oil is protected lip skin. The lips basically recover fast by themselves. But, they also dry out easy and become chapped. Use the oil as lip gloss and protection at the same time.

Castor Oil’s Benefits for Our Hair

Thanks to the presence of ricinoleic acid, castor oil has a myriad of benefits for our hair. The acid helps lock moisture in the scalp and keeps it healthy and clean. This is essential for hair growth and prevention of hair loss. If you want to grow your hair extra-long, then keep this great oil in mind.

Once or twice a week should do great, and you only need to use a dime-size amount of it. Apply it on the roots and let it do its magic.

Alternatively, you can soak your hair in the oil once a week, put a shower cap on, and sleep with it. Wash your hair per the usual the next day for an ultra-hydrating treatment that will lift your dead hair up.

Of course, you should keep in mind that castor oil doesn’t work overnight. It does, however, work just the same or better than most store-bought products and without any side-effects. To see the results, you’ll most likely need 2 or 3 months.

Even if your hair doesn’t grow as super-long as you hoped for, it’ll be extra shiny and hydrated.




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