If You Can See a Woman in the Photo Below, Your IQ Is Not Average but Very High!

Do you like browsing through websites or magazines like those that have fun games and riddles, puzzles, and simialr5? Find Waldo, or some challenges, tricky illusions, and optical tests? Nowadays, such riddles and tests are all over the place, and with internet access, we can enjoy such things all the time with no limit. Some can be tough, but some are easy and fun or obvious too – regardless, everything of this kind is engaging and interesting. Just recently we have seen a photo that is intriguing and mysterious, looks normal and basic, but this is a trick! There is a hint of a woman, but this woman is supposedly hiding and hard to spot! People that see her in the picture, but in tops of 5 seconds, are geniuses!

Are you like a genius with this IQ needed?

Can you see her or do you still have trouble seeing her? Admit it, this is quite a challenge and hard to find, but once you do find her, you will indeed admit it is almost invisible at first.

Well, this woman of mystery is named Nadine and her body is fully and perfectly paint4ed to blend the background and nature around it. Did you see her? Still, looking? Try to look a bit down, and focus on the corner in the right. Now see the tree and its base. There she might be…

Congratulations, you succeed to see her, but if you struggle, no worries we will help you.

Who painted her like this you wonder? The creative hand is Jorg Dustewald, an artist from Germany that makes incredible and realistic body rt like this, for 2 decades so far. He makes everything blend to perfection in any setting. Do you agree he is amazing?

At first, Jorg published this photo with an old fence of stone, and yellow leaves on the ground, trees and all you see, but he said nothing of it! Then he thought of an interesting challenge and asked a fun question to all his fans – if they see a woman somewhere here? He said she does not hide at all, but it is impossible almost to find her. There she is, you can notice her, plain sight, so obvious yet so hidden. You cannot even say there is someone at all! Almost everyone says this!

Jorg is not limiting himself to just this picture and many more like this are made by him for his series of photographs.

Here is our help for finding the woman, our obvious hint, in the picture below:

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