9 Ways to Clean with Lemon Peel: Surprising Uses for Lemons

Most probably you are throwing the lemon peel after squeezing the lemon. But, now you will stop doing this because you will know how to use it in many ways in your home.

Despite being very healthy, lemons can also help you in cleaning your home.

How to use its peel?

1. Refresh the air naturally

Boil a hand of lemon peels on low heat for half an hour. This will release a fresh and pleasant citrus smell and your home will be refreshed. Repeat it whenever you want to improve your mood by the aroma it makes. Adding spices like cinnamon or some essential oil will make the smell even better.

2. Cutting board cleaner

Bacteria are very easy to reproduce on cutting boards. Lemon can help you in its disinfection. Sprinkle one tablespoon of salt all over the cutting board together with squeezed lemon juice. Take the lemon peel and scrub it. Your board will be super clean. This cleaning method can be applied to all wooden surfaces that you want to disinfect.

3. Natural disinfection

Put lemon peels in a mason jar and fill the jar with apple cider vinegar. Adding a few drops of antibacterial essential oil will improve the smell. Keep the jar closed in a dry and cool place for the whole night so that it can soak well.

4. Microwave cleaner

Why using chemical and harmful cleaning products, when you have a natural way of cleaning that is not dangerous? Take one lemon and squeeze it. Then, mix it with an equal amount of water. Put it in a microwave at high temperature for 10 minutes.

Take the lemon peel and scrub the microwave. When you finish, clean with a paper towel.

5. Disinfect wooden utensils

Take a lemon peel and rub the wooden utensils. Don’t wash them with water. It will eliminate the bad bacteria and remove the unpleasant smell.

6. Refresh the humidifier

Lemon peel can also be used as a humidifier refreshment. Mix it together with water and a few drops of lemon juice.

7. Clean garbage disposal

Put hot water in the garbage disposal. Then add the peels of lemon or other citrus fruit. To make the smell amazing, mix lemon, lime, grapefruit, and orange.

8. Polish the furniture

Add two drops of extra virgin olive oil into a squeezed lemon juice. Polish your furniture with this mixture using a soft cotton cloth.

9. Prepare summer lemon soap

To make this natural soap you need 25 drops of lemon essential oil, 50 g of beeswax, and one cup of grated lemon peel.

After melting the beeswax on low heat, add the lemon peel and the essential oil. When it becomes thick, remove it from the heat. Put the mixture into a soap mold and let it dry for 24 hours. After this, your soap is ready to be used.

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