Simple Trick To Make Your Shoes Shine Like New

All of us love shoes, but when it comes time to clean them, we are not usually sure what to do. Shoes are not easy to keep clean. Especially the white ones and those that we use to play some sport like tennis – these shoes are very difficult to clean. But don’t worry, we will reveal to you a trick that will make your shoes look new all the time. They will shine and everyone will think that you have just bought them.

To prepare this method you will need only two ingredients that you have at home, most probably in your kitchen. Maybe you have never heard that white vinegar and baking soda are so powerful and efficient in cleaning all types of fabrics. They contain strong anti-bacterial qualities that make them perfect in the fight against fungi and bacteria that cause the unpleasant smell of the shoes. It is very simple and easy, you only need to follow the instructions.

Homemade recipe to clean your shoes:

You will need 60 grams of soda (1/4 cup) and 125 ml of white vinegar (half cup) and one brush. Mix the white vinegar and the soda together. When you get a foamy texture, put it on a brush and rub your shoes. Let it stay for about 30 minutes and then wash them with cold water. Put your shoes outside to dry and they will be shiny and spotless.

How to clean the shoelaces?

Don’t forget the dirty shoelaces. They will not look good on super clean shoes. We advise you to you wash them in the washing machine from time to time. If you do that, then put them in a pillowcase or in a washing bag to keep them safe. Otherwise, they may be destroyed by the machine.

Enjoy wearing your clean shoes!

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